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Episode 3: For love of Music….

“Wait a goddamn second this fucking hoopty only has a fucking 8-track in it?” What the fuck is this shit? Was Randy the so old school he ain’t never heard of fucking cd’s?” Darren asks as they accelerate down the road towards New Orleans.

“Yeah he has a whole collections of old 8-tracks in here,” Candy says opening a case on the floorboard of the car. “Let’s see we  have Earth, Wind and Fire, Luther Vandross, Isaac Hayes, Barry White and Kool and the Gang.”

“I am not listening to that shit, what else is in there?” Joey asks.

“Well you could always use the CD player,” Chevelle says opening the glove compartment to reveal a Kenwood CD-player.

“Now you’re talking!” Darren says.

“Pop in some ZZ-Top!” Joey says.

“Or some Skynyrd!” Darren says.

“He doesn’t have any of that heavy metal shit, but we have alot of good music like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Mickey Avalon and Cypress Hill,” Chevelle says showing them a CD holder on the visor of the passenger side.

“Cypress Hill! Now you’re talking sister,” Joey says.

“Put that shit in,” Candy replies.

As the first notes of Black Sunday begin Candy turns up the volume full-blast and they finally get on the highway 182 heading north towards Route 90.

And they all chime in.

“I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!

Well that’s the funk elastic, the blunt I twist it
The slamafied, bonafied funk on your discus
Oh, what you messed with, you got to bear witness
Catch a ho and another ho Merry Christmas”

Suddenly Joey slams on the brakes, the limo fishtails and squeals to a halt.

“What the fuck!” Candy yells.

“Dude, look!” Joey says pointing out the front window

“Holy fuck!” The girls exclaim together

There is a massive pile of cars partially blocking the road hanging from the windows of the cars are dead bodies. Standing atop the pile a man in a trench-coat is pointing a rifle at them.

“Get out of the car all of you!” He yells

“Blast that bitch Darren,” Joey mumbles as he opens the car door.

Darren uses the door to cover his exit of the car pulling shotgun out with him. Ducking down he brings the gun up sights and pulls the trigger in one fluid move.  The man falls backward out of sight gore fountaining from his partially torn off skull.

“Fuck you too!” Darren says

Two rifle blasts explode into the silence and punch through the drivers-side door window.

“Holy fuck! He had friends. Get the fuck back in!” Screams Candy

“Get us the hell outta here!” Darren yells

They pile back in and Joey punches it. The tires of the limo screech in protest as the limo slides half-off the road into the grassy shoulder to get around the wrecks.  Another shot slams into the back of the Cadillac as they regain the road and launch forward quickly leaving the pile of cars behind.

“Fuck this gimme a beer,” Candy says.

“They’re all in the trunk,” Daren says.

Reaching through the glass partition he fumbles around for a second and comes back up with a bottle of Hennessy.

“Here drink this,” He says handing her the bottle.

As they start drinking they chime back in singing Cypress Hill.

“Yes I smoke shit, straight off the roach clip
I roach it roll the blunt at once to approach it
Forward motion make you sway like the ocean
The herb is more than just a powerful potion
What’s the commotion, yo I’m not joking around
People learning about, what they’re smoking
My oven is on high, when I roast the quayo
Tell Bill Clinton to go and inhale
Exhale, now you felt the funk of the thai
when i feel the effects

I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!
I want to get high – so high!
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the from the bong from the bong
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the bong
yo hits from the from the bong from the bong
yo hits from the from the bong from the bong”

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  1. October 7, 2009 at 12:00 am

    They’re fucked.

    Purely, simply, fucked.


    Oh God, I hate to see where this goes. It’s like a train wreck–you want to look away, but you can’t help but look.

    I can’t help but say that I love the way they’re so upbeat despite all the shit that’s going down. But, then again, I can’t imagine how they couldn’t be. Booze, coke, girls…

    I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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