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Episode 4: Rolling into Gibson…

“Ok lets stop up here in Gibson at the Gator Shack B&B and get us a cabin. That way we can bbq up this tail,” Darren says.

“Well if they are still renting cabins I am sure that would be fine, but the chances are they are going to shoot us.” Candy says.

“You seem to have forgotten that it’s all gone to hell guys,” Chevelle says.

“Hell I know Bobby-Sue will give us a room,” Darren says.

“And if it’s all gone to hell, we can just take a fucking room,” Joey says.

“That’s if Bobby-Sue isn’t there,” Darren replies.

“We should also stop at Blackout’s Gun Shop. And get us some Ammo,” Joey says.

“Yeah now Marty, might shoot us. So we’re going to have to approach slow,” Darren says.

“I’ll call ahead and tell Marty, we’re coming over,” Darren says pulling out his cell phone.

The things beeps pathetically finding no signal.

“Yeah cell phones went down when it all happened a month ago.  They are no good anymore,” Candy says.

“So let just stop a bit away and maybe yell over at him not to fucking shoot us. How’s that?” Joey asks.

They dodge and weave down the road slowly making their way around the multiple wrecks, abandoned cars and bodies littering the road.  At one point they have to drive through a field to avoid a massive 747 airliner smashed into the road. Its remains smouldering in a crater big enough to swallow the limo.  They begin to see bodies nailed up to trees and impaled on spikes lining the road as they approach Gibson.

“What the fuck is all that shit,” Joey asks indicating the bodies.

“Perhaps it’s a warning,” Candy says.

“Yeah to me that screams ‘stay the fuck away.’ But then i’ve watched alot of horror movies,” Chevelle says.

“Hey isn’t that old Ned from the bar?” Joey asks, pointing to one of the bodies, slowing down to take a closer look.

“He doesn’t look right. Know what I mean?” Darren asks.

“Yeah he never had a huge fucking red growth on his face before, looks like a giant pimple,” Joey says.

“What the fuck happened?” Darren asks.

“I told you shit is fucked up now, there’s alot more like that,” Candy says.

“Yeah thats why we left New Orleans,” Chevelle says.

“Then why the fuck are you coming with us to go back there?” Joey asks.

“Where the fuck else are we going to go?” Chevelle asks.

‘Besides you were kind enough to let us out.  So maybe we will help you get hooked up with some buds if you help us survive,” Candy says.

They slow down almost to a stop as they approach a huge sign by the road that once read ‘Welcome to Gibson’, but has now been spray-painted to read ‘Welcome to the End’.

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  1. October 7, 2009 at 12:06 am

    A few comments —

    Gator, eewww.

    Them stuck in a limo, hilarious.

    Lots of zombies/deadfucks in trees and fence posts, bad.

    Oh my God. I can’t believe I just read through all of this in one sitting. NO! I want more! All you people care about is more more more! Leave Britney alone!…

    … we’re not talking about that, are we?


    Remind me not to get stuck with them when the zombies/deadfucks come. Gator tail sounds nasty, but if it really tastes like chicken, I won’t be able to eat it ’cause I don’t eat chicken.

    I can’t wait for the next one, haha.

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