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Episode 5: Gibson, It Aint Mayberry…

The town of Gibson, as they drove through, was full of two things as far as they could tell. Empty houses and bodies nailed to them.  Some of them only had one in the front yard on a spike but others had the added decoration of one mounted and or nailed to the roof. The roads were a collection of wonderfully funny car wrecks, each splattered with blood and gore.  The limo weaved through the wrecks and the boys laughed it up. The girls however didn’t find it nearly as funny as they did.

“Are you fucking serious? look at this place. You really want to stop here for the night?” Candy asks.

“This does seem like a colossally bad idea,” Chevelle said.

“Well I don’t think so, we know some folks that live here. There is a nice place just up the road a bit where we could bed up, watch some gators and BBQ the tail we have in the trunk.  Cause Wham-Whams, and Zing-Zings just don’t cut it. Also I don’t eat Dinty-Moore,” Darren said.

“Wait, did you hear that?” Joey asks.

“Hear what?” Darren asks.

From the distance they could hear screaming.  Echoing through the houses around them. They come around a corner to an intersection, where a piggly wiggly sits to their right and a gas station is across the road.  In the parking lot of the grocery store a group of men have something on the ground and they are hitting it over and over.

“Well Joey head on over there, let’s see what is going on,” Darren said.

“Bad IDEA,” Candy says.

Joey pulls the limo into the parking lot and as they pull up, several of the men turn and charge the limo.  They immediately start pounding on the hood.  Their faces are red with huge puss oozing-sores and they screaming incoherently.

‘Ok, Candy’s right were outta here,” Joey says throwing the limo in reverse.

As they back away Darren rolls down his window and shoots one in the face with his shotgun.  The blast peels the skin off his head like an orange.  The pus-filled sores explode launching blood, pus, and bone fragments everywhere and the force spins him to the ground.

“Damn this bird shot is  for the birds man, we need some better ammo,” Darren said.

Pumping the slide to chamber another round Darren sticks a fresh shell into the tube.  He then shoots another one in the neck as they turn to get back on the road.  The shot blasts the man’s face and neck shredding his skin and leaving ragged holes in his flesh. Joey throws the limo into drive once more and then punches it.

They race away and get about halfway across town and Joey wrenches the wheel to the left.  At the end of the block before them a large sign declares the building to be Blackout’s Gun Shop. Out front of the shop sits four burned out cars and bodies are strewn everywhere.  A pair of red laser beams appear on joey and darren’s chest coming from the roof of the shop.

“Get out of the car and let me see that you ain’t got no sores on ya,” Yells a voice.

‘Well someone’s gotta get out and let him know who we are. I’ll flip ya for it,”  Darren says pulling out a Susan B. Anthony and flipping it into the air.

“Call it.”

“I don’t think they want just one of us to get out man, I am thinking they mean all of us,” Joey says.

“You all have thirty seconds,”  Says the voice.

Darren and Joey open the doors and they all pile out.  The red light scans over every inch of visible skin, several times on the girls in fact.

“Darren? Joey?” asks the voice.

“Yeah,” Joey says, waving his hands over his head, “Howdy.”

“Get your asses inside. You don’t want to be out there when the sun goes down fella’s,” Marty yells standing up on the roof.

“Hey Marty, long time no see,” Joey yells getting back into the limo and pulling it up into the parking lot.

“We brought beer,” Darren yells as they get out and walk up to the door.

There is the sound of multiple dead bolts being thrown and the sound of chains rattling, and then the steel door opens.

Darren grabs the coolers of gator tail from the trunk while Joey grabs up two twelve packs of beer.  They all go inside.

The door shuts revealing a sign that reads “Fuck you, We’re Closed.”

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  1. October 13, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    I will have to go back and read through the other chapters, then read this again. I like how adamant the character was about not eating junk food and Dinty Moore. After reading Swan Song, and seeing the characters eating boiled, radioactive roots in a dirth thickened stew… I think this character has a lot to learn. Which is good stuff!

  2. October 13, 2009 at 1:00 pm

    What ho! I didn’t get half the references (being a dirty Limey) but I enjoy the continuing adventures of these chumps! Top banana!

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