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Episode 7: Bartering for Bullets…..

After breakfast Judy shoos everyone out of her kitchen, Marty, Junior, Darren and Joey all go down into the gun shop.

“Junior get up on the roof and have a look-see, holler down if you see anyone, these boys need to get their shit outta the car, and tell Bubba to come down offa there and get some breakfast,” Marty says.

Junior takes off up stairs heading for the attic and then the roof.  Marty unlocks the front door again and Darren goes outside and opens the passenger side door of the limo.  Reaching in, he grabs up the two shotguns and his duffle-bag from behind the seat.  Joey follows him put and getting in the back of the limo, grabs up a hefty bag of cigarettes and another of snacks and chips.  Turning he kicks the door closed and nods to Darren and then goes back inside.  Darren hits the power-lock switch on the door and  goes back into the shop.

“Let me see what you boys got there,” Marty says stepping behind the counter.

Darren sets the Mossberg 590 and the Remington 870 on the counter and sets his duffle-bag on the floor.  He unzips the bag and pulls out their last box of birdshot and a colt .45 automatic, both of which he puts on the counter.  Popping the clip out of the .45

“I’ve got four shots left in her, and around 7 total shells left for the shotguns,” Darren says.

“What about that pimp’s .38 man, that little purty fella,” Joey reminds Darren.

“Oh, yeah I forgot about that little guy,” Darren says pulling a snub-nose .38 from the cargo pocket on his pant’s leg.

“Well, let’s do some business,”Marty says.

“Ok, first off I noticed that Judy up there, after breakfast was rolling her last cigarette out of her tin of Bugler.  So let’s talk tobacco Marty,” Joey says.

“Oh, hell did you boys get some real cigarettes? Oh guys, that would get me back in on easy street for some real smokes,” Marty replies.

“And we know you like your chaw Marty, we may have a pouch of two,” Darren says.

“Now look guys, you can plainly see, that I have here more bullets and guns then I could ever shoot. We have all three been friends a very long time.  I will help you boys out. I got plenty of shells both buckshot and slugs for those gun, we just have to agree on a price,” Marty tells them.

“Mighty kind of you Marty and we brought you something too,” Joey says digging around in one of the hefty bags.

“Oh yeah?” Marty asks.

“Yeah, see I remember last Christmas, see ole Judy up there was happy with all the stuff you got her, but when she busted open her stocking and saw those candy bars well, didn’t her eyes light right up,” Joey says.

“Oh guys, did you bring chocolate?” Marty asks?

“Oh no, not just chocolate Marty, oh no… We got a whole display box of her fucking favorite,” Darren say as Joey pulls out a whole display box of 5th Avenue bars.

“Oh well fuck me running.  What would you boys say to a pair of 9’s each?” Marty asks.

“You know I’d take that Taurus Judge instead of a 9,” Darren replies.

“Your on, and I will throw in five boxes of buckshot for that mother too,” Marty tells him.

“Life is sweet Marty,”  Joey says, “Didn’t that retard say, life is like a box of chocolates.”

“Yeah well a wife with a whole fucking box of chocolate is sweeter,” Marty says.

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  1. Stephen A. North
    November 20, 2010 at 7:17 am

    Enjoying this, Uno. Never heard about it. 😦 One good thing is I have a lot of episodes to catch up on!

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