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Episode 11: Window Shopping…

The next morning after breakfast Darren, Joey, Candy and Chevelle gathered up their stuff and headed out along with Angie to the Ford dealership a few blocks over, along the edge of the highway.

They exited the house armed to the teeth and ready for anything.  Joey was walking along the side of the road with an AR-15 over his shoulder and a can of Busch in his hand.  In backpacks they carried plenty of food and essentials. Chevelle walked along next to him, they shared glances and smiles at each other.  Darren walked along beside Candy and Angie trailed behind.

“Where the hell are we going to find a piss-yellow Pinto in this town?” Darren asks.

“I don’t want another Pinto you retard, I told you I am aiming to get me a new Mustang,” Angie replies sharply.

“Where we going to find a piss-yellow Mustang in this town?” Darren asks laughing at her.

“Fuck you Darren I don’t care if it is piss-yellow or power-puff pink I just want a Mustang,” Angie says.

“Okay so looks like it’s going to be a Ford, have you talked to a salesman and gotten a quote yet? Have you budgeted the payments into your piss-poor waitress performance?” Darren asks.

“You’re a fucking asshole Darren.” Angie says.

“Yeah but he is my asshole bitch and we are helping you get yourself a Mustang so how about you clam the fuck up and stop bitching?” Candy says.

“I figure the salesmen are going to be all fucked up and I don’t think they are going to mind if we just take whatever the flying fuck we want, how about that?” Joey says laughing.

“In that case let’s get us a big ole fuck-you-sized truck so we can smooth run shit the fuck over and it will also hold all our shit,” Chevelle says.

“Good idea! Also we can get ourselves down to Candy’s momma’s house and score some weed at your old pimp’s house too!” Joey says.

They walk through the remains of the tiny town and glance cautiously down each side street and alley they pass.  There seems to be nothing moving at all except a lone dog rooting around in a knocked-over trash can as they pass the burn out husk of a convenience store.

As they approach the highway they do see a convoy of about 6 huge black semi-trucks pass by, they are to far away however to see who is driving.

“Bunch of big black semi-trucks all headed for New Orleans, seems a bit sketchy,” Joey says.

“It does look spooky, must be government. Either that or Blackwater moved into town,” Darren says.

“Wonder who’s paying for that gig?” Candy says.

“They might have gone out on their own, and are just claiming shit in the name of Blackwater,” Chevelle says.

“Paying? I don’t think anyone is paying for anything anymore. The government can now simply just do what they want.  I am sure they are much happier now since they don’t have to answer to anyone anymore,” Darren says.

“And that is fucking scary,” Joey replies.

“What do you think they are going to do once they get to New Orleans?” Candy asks.

“Well it certainly isn’t window shopping,” Darren says.

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