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Episode 14: They call him Ray

“Hey look at the suspension you got on this shit, what have you done with this truck Ray?” Joey says looking up partially under the truck.

“Isn’t someone going to go help her? She wrecked her Mustang out there?” Chevelle asks.

“Not a chance she done tore the whole front end off that fucker with that chain.” Darren replies.

“Well the suspension and kinda the rest of this whole truck is quite a story to tell. But I will tell you that I never could find the key to that fucking chain anyhow so she sorta did us a favor.” Ray says reloading the bowl.

“I can help her, let me just christen this new brush guard by shoving that piss-yellow pile of shit into the ditch.” Darren says walking over to the truck.

“Your gonna miss a fresh bowl to help that dizzy bitch?” Candy asks.

“Oh hell no!” Darren turning right back around and marching to the truck again.

“Dibs on the first hit!” Chevelle says holding up a flask-sized 350mL bottle of Early Times Country Whiskey.

“Oh Honey,” Ray says taking the bottle and passing her the full pipe.

A sound of gears grinding is heard and they all look over as Angie tries to back the Mustang up and get it going again.  The front quarter panel falls off and she lets out a scream of despair.

“I never thought I would hear the tortured sound of a Mustang dying. But wow she is a whole pile of stupid isn’t she?” Ray asks as he takes a swig of the whiskey with a satisfied sigh.

“I’ll go help that fucking idiot, I am stoned anyhow. That is some good weed Ray. I just feel so sorry for that poor car.” Chevelle says handing Candy the pipe.

“And that is some good fucking whisky.” Ray says giving her a nod.

“Hey someone help me up damnit, I need another hit!” Joey says lying along the edge of the truck.

Candy reaches down and grabs and pulls him to his feet, “Are you sure?”

“Hell yeah, they will be nailing me in my coffin the day I don’t need another hit of weed.” Joey says.

Chevelle walks around the corner of the building and over to the Mustangs. There is a pile of keys on the hood of a red one and she sorts through them until she finds the one she is looking for.  She smiles and grabbing up a set walks over and runs her hands along the gleaming metallic-blue surface of the Shelby GT500 she has had her eye on.

Getting into the driver’s seat she laughs as she slides the key into the ignition and brings the beast roaring to life.  She steps on the clutch and slips it gently into reverse and smokes it out of its parking space.  She reverses right over to the gas pump and snaps the lever open.  She gets out and pumps it full of gas.  She puts her fingers to her lips and whistles very loudly and waves Angie over.  Angie gets out of the now-trashed and leaking violated Mustang and head down solemnly walks over to Chevelle.

“If you wreck this one you dumb bitch you can walk the fuck home.” Chevelle says with a smile.

“Thanks,” Angie says, “I will be careful.”

Chevelle walks back over to the trucks and Ray hands her back the flask.  His eyes widen as motion catches his gaze in the mirror on the door.

“What is it?” Joey asks looking at Ray’s expression.

“It’s…” candy says as the Judge fires a booming shot again.

“…A dog.” Candy finishes as a mongrel infected dog flops over dead in mid-stride its brains blown out by the 410 pellets from the gun in Darren’s hand.

“There are more coming!” Joey says climbing into the back of Ray’s truck.

Ray grabs Chevelle up and pulls her into the cab of the truck with him.  Candy and Darren walk backward firing taking out the fastest of the dog pack as they head for their truck.

“I hate to test this new brush guard on that what’s left of that poor Mustang but we gotta go people!” Ray says.

“I am out of here!” Angie yells putting the nozzle back on the pump and closing up the fuel door.

Ray slaps it into drive and gunning the 450’s engine smashes into the rear end of the now crippled Mustang blocking the exit.  The Mustang spins around as it is still embedded partially on the chain.  The wreck slams back down into the ground as Ray races by.

Darren slams the door and fires up his truck as Candy climbs in and shuts the door.  He throws it into reverse and then guns it into a tight turn and then slamming it into drive follows Ray out of the parking lot.

Angie gets into the blue Mustang and fires it up. This time however, she very carefully pulls away from the pump and drives very slowly out of the parking lot. She then gets onto the road and guns it as the rest of the dog pack begin chasing her.

“Such a dumb bitch!” Chevelle says.

“Where the fuck did you meet her?” Ray asks.

“Oh dude, it’s a long story” Joey says from the open rear window.

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