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Episode 19: Wrong side of the Tracks…

“Well that was some fucking fucked up fucking shit right there man!” Joey yells.

“No shit man, what the fuck was that?” Dawn asks.

“I need a fucking drink dude,” Mark says.

“You had a one a minute ago when you were shooting mailboxes,” Ray says.

“Oh I killed that one man,” Mark says laughing and rubbing his belly.

“See this is why I don’t invite you over to my house very often,” Ray says sarcastically.

“You don’t invite me over too often because I smoke all your fucking weed man,” Mark says.

“Yeah that too,” Ray laughs.

“Ok rest stop is over let’s get fucking going man,” Joey says handing Mark a fresh beer.

“Yeah that cheese isn’t going to pick itself up,” Candy says.

They all pile into the trucks and take a left onto Highway 20. Ray’s truck is in front again with Darren and Joey following behind.

“You think we ought to try to get us some more beer while we are out? It looks like we are not going back to the gun shop and getting all those beers out of the limo anytime soon,” Joey says.

“Ok there is a little gas station up ahead in Donner we can try to go to, if it hasn’t been fully ransacked,” Darren says.

“Ok well pull up along side Ray and let’s tell them what we’re gonna do,” Chevelle says.

Darren guns the engine and pulls up along side Ray’s truck, they dodge out-of-the-way of a wrecked pair of cars and then swerve back over. Ray rolls down the window and leans a bit out.

“Hey we’re going to stop at the gas station up ahead and get more beer man, we are running out,” Joey yells.

“Works for me,” Ray yells out.

“How many do you have left?” Mark yells.

“This one,” Joey yells holding up the last beer.

They get back behind Ray’s truck again and keep hauling ass down Highway 20.  They see Mark in the truck up ahead motion out the window at something as they go by. Turning to look they see what he was pointing at.  A semi-truck smashed into someone’s mobile-home there is burned wreckage and scorched remains everywhere.

“That is a hell of an express delivery, he could have at least asked them if they had a drive-thru,” Darren says.

“Dude this whole fucking world is fucked up now, damn dude,” Joey says lighting up another joint and passing it around.

“Dude we fucking told you man, everything is like this now,” Chevelle says passing the joint back up to Candy.

“Look at that shit dude, someone tore the upper part of that chick off and stuck it on that headless cow’s body dude,” Joey says motioning to the field they are passing with a pile of gore-covered remains rotting under the sun.

“Holy fuck shit your right dude,” Darren says.

“Check that shit out,” Candy says.

They look to their left and there is a mobile home with a huge white barn behind it.  The barn has a pentagram painted on it in what appears to be blood. There is a skinned cow nailed to the barn with that looks like railroad spikes.  Below this grisly scene is a dais made of the front of a rusty tractor and on its blood-covered surface an eviscerated woman lies with a huge cloud of flies hovering over her corpse.

They pass around the joint a few more times when Darren says, “Dude did you see that?” Darren slows the truck down a bit.

They look over and see a bunch of dogs in a fenced-in kennel they all appear to have no skin and there is a man wrapped up in the barb-wire on the top of the fencing. He is hanging from the barbed wire but the dogs have eaten his legs up to the hips. He is holding a whistle in his lips and his lifeless eyes stare at them as the roll past. His hand is raised as if to motion for help, but he is long since dead.  On the naked flesh of his chest is carved another pentagram.

They speed back up and catch up to Ray again, and Joey lights up another joint and passes it around.

“Man, I am soo glad we met Ray… an got us some weed dude,” Joey says smiling.

There is a squealing sound as Ray locks up the brakes in front of them. Darren locks up his brakes as well nearly hitting the back-end of Ray’s truck.

“What the fuck…” Joey says as they come to a halt.

“Ray what the fuck…” Darren yells out the window.

A flaming zombie runs from in front of Ray’s truck and into the front of a little house on the right side of the road. On the left side there is a railroad crossing leading to some more trailer homes. They are on fire, and a group of men and women appear over the top of the rise backing away from another group of the infected tossing Molotov cocktails at them as they hurry backward away from the horde closing in on them. Mark hops up onto the window and begins firing his shotgun over the roof of the truck at the horde.  A line of flaming zombies is closing in on the survivors, the horde is like a tidal wave of fire rushing to engulf them all.  The living people turn to run toward the trucks. One of them slips and falls down, the Molotov cocktail in his hand explodes lighting him and the people around him on fire.  They scream dropping their cocktails which erupt in a conflagration of hell. The zombies overrun them all and fall upon them rending flesh and wrenching limbs from bodies. While they themselves cook in the flames.

Mark keeps firing as Ray guns the engine again lurching forward. Darren floors it and follow him closely. Their last sight of it is a pile of bodies writhing in flames until the gas can one of them was carrying goes off. The explosion seems to shake the ground as flaming body parts fly in every direction at once.

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