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Episode 20: Knights of the 12 pack…

A solemn silence falls over the four of them as they drive away, no one speaks. Each of them is wrapped in their thoughts of what they had just seen.

Candy passes around a joint and they quietly nod and get high again, their buzz having been completely ruined by the flaming scene burning still, in their mind’s eye.

Up ahead on the right they see a gas station, and as they get closer they see Dawn and Mark pointing out the window at something. They pull up behind Ray as he turns in and parks and there before them, sits a huge semi-truck with the words Miller Beer painted on the side.

“Well hallelujah!” Joey says as Darren throws it into park and they climb out of the trucks.

“Fuck yeah, it’s like we found the fucking holy grail dudes!” Dawn yells.

“Women at the back of the line, men first. It might be dangerous stay back,” Darren yells.

“Yeah hang back a second let’s check this store out too, could be some freaks in there,” Mark says laughing.

Candy walks over and slides up one of the segmented doors on the side of the truck.

Inside their eagerly staring eyes find only empty metal racks that once held case after case of beer.

“Mother fucking son of a bitch, of course it’s empty,” Mark yells.

Dawn, Chevelle and Candy walk around the other side of the truck while the guys stand there dejected.

There is a gunshot, which echoes out across the parking lot. The guys glance at each other and all run around the other side of the truck. Where they find Dawn putting her still smoking revolver back in its holster and Candy removing a padlock from the sliding door on this side of the truck. Chevelle and Dawn both grab and yank the door up at once, revealing case after case of Miller beer.

“Oh god yes!” Mark yells grabbing a case off the top and setting it down at his feet.

He turns one of the twelve packs on its side in the cardboard tray and tears it open.  Grabbing out cans he hands one to everyone.

“To the end of the world and the knights of the twelve pack!” He yells raising his beer.

“To the end of the world!” they all yell at once and slam their beers.

Joey grabs up two cases and takes them over and puts them into the back of the truck. Darren follows suit with two cases. The girls each grab one and soon they are all loading the beds of the trucks with as much beer as they can take. They eventually empty out the entire side of the truck into the beds of their pick-ups.

Dawn and the girls go inside the store and come out with bags of chips and a few candy bars.

“There isn’t much left in there its pretty well ransacked,” Dawn explains.

Joey wanders inside with Ray and Darren.  The store has been looted quite well.  The cigarette display behind the counter is completely empty and the coolers are as well. There is a scattering of blood and chip bags on the tiled-floor and a bloody knife slid into one corner.

Joey walks over to the cooler and yanks it open. Inside there is a man in a Conoco uniform, he has been shot in the face and lies in a pool of blood and released bowels.

“I guess it doesn’t pay to run a gas station these days,” Ray says looking over his shoulder.

“Well there is only one other place to look, let’s see whats in the office shall we?” Joey says stepping up to the closed-door across from the cooler.

He tries the handle and it’s locked so he takes a step back and boots the door open.  The door crashes open revealing a tidy office, where someone once did all the paperwork and such.  Also in the room on the left behind the big desk is a locked cabinet.

“Well my friends, what would you guess it behind door number two here?” Joey asks.

“Only one way to find out,” Darren says.

“Yup,” Joey says taking out his 9mm.

“Hey hold up, how about you use the fucking key dude?” Darren says nodding to a ring of keys hanging over the desk.

“Wow, you been hanging out with Candy too long bro, she’s got you all city smart and shit,” Joey says grabbing up the key-ring.

“Hey man, some of us do try to better ourselves eventually there Joey,” Darren laughs.

“Yeah tell me that next time your pissing out the window of the truck mother-fucker,” Joey laughs.

“Hey when you gotta go you gotta go, and sometimes your steering dude, and I don’t wanna ruin that new truck smell,” Darren replies.

Finding the proper key Joey gets the cabinet open, revealing carton after carton of cigarettes.

“Well fuck yeah,” Joey says grabbing up a couple of cartons of Camels.

“Hell yes,” Darren says.

Ray grabs up a stack of Thank You for shopping here, plastic bags and yanking a few off, he says, “Fill ‘er up man.”

They load up 5 bags each of Cartons and carry them out to the trucks.  They go back in and empty out the rest of the cabinet.

On their way back to the truck, Mark stops them and nods his head up Bullrun Rd. They glance that way and see about 40 people stumbling across the field heading toward them. Candy, Chevelle and Dawn open fire.  Ray, Mark, Joey and Darren grab their guns from the trucks and start shooting as well.

A voice from their right yells out, “You killed my Melody you son’s a bitches,” A massive engine starts up and the trees immediately across the road start falling as a massive crane rumbles into view.

The group continues shooting as the huge wrecking ball on the crane swings down and wipes out a swath of the approaching zombies. They fly like pins in a bowling alley as the ball connects with them. The ball swings up again and as it descends once more some of the creatures turn and scramble toward the crane.  The ball connects once again and five of the zombies are launched toward them.  They scramble out of the way and the flying bodies smash into the roof of the store and the back-end of the beer truck.  The infected turn and swarm over the cab of the crane smashing their faces and hands into the glass.  The man in the crane makes a gesture for them to run, and raises up a box in his hands.  There is a plunger on the top of the box and from his wild-eyed gaze they suddenly all know what is about to happen.  They each turn and run like hell.  About four seconds later there is a concussive blast that sends them all flying. They land and roll over in time to see the huge arm of the crane topple down and the ball bouncing across the road toward them.  The ball smashes the back of Darren and Joey’s truck and continues on across Highway 20 crashing through trees and eventually coming to a stop in the field beyond. Parts from the crane and bits of the bodies rain down on the spreading sea of foam running across the parking lot. The ruins of the truck and the once herculean stack of beer are gone.

“Goddamn it I loved that truck!” Joey says getting to his feet once again.

“Well if I was a truck and I had to die, I cannot think of a better way to go. Wouldn’t you like to die in a bath of beer?” Ray says.

Darren stands there stoically quiet with silent tears of hopeless loss running down his cheeks. Candy comes over and puts her arm around his waist and he unconsciously holds her tight, his pain written on his features. A tide of foam washes across the tops of his snake-boots as he buries his face in her hair.

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  1. May 28, 2010 at 12:41 am

    The ultimate highs and lows…all the booze and cigarettes you could handle, taken away in one crane smashing moment!

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