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Episode 21: A Truck to Remember…

They walk around the other side of Ray’s truck. The beer truck had blocked most of the blast but the bed of the truck is covered in dents and punctures.  Walking up to examine it there is a long slender rod of metal stabbing through the side of the truck-bed.  Its length had pierced into one of the cases of beer inside. The silently dripping beer had drained down into the truck liner and was pooling under the cases.

Along the back panel of the truck they count out 215 dents and punctures, one is a human finger stabbed through and embedded into the metal itself.

“Wow man! That fucking guy went out with a bang!” Mark exclaims.

“Here here lets raise a toast to the truck and to that crazy wild-eyed bastard, who gave his life that he might shred his enemies,” Joey says handing everyone a beer.

They raise their beers up on high, “A truck remembered,” they toast.

Ray gets on a pair of work gloves and pulls the huge skewer out of the bed of his truck with the help of some pliers. Joey and Darren lean in through the windows of their smashed truck and grab out all the cigarettes and supplies, that were left in the cab.  They load it over into the bed of Ray’s truck.

“Where is my duffel bag dumb ass?” Darren asks Joey.

“How the fuck am I supposed to know? Back at the gun shop I am betting, so now I was in charge of your bag? When did that happen?” Joey asks.

“Well where is your bag?” Darren asks.

“I don’t have a fucking bag, I keep all my ammo on me,” Joey says.

“Okay then, where is your stuff?” Darren says.

“My stuff is in my backpack, back at the gun shop, I guess…” Joey says.

“Isn’t that a coincidence, you don’t have no shit neither,” Darren says.

“Well unless your planning on never going back I am betting our shit will be safer in that gun shop than in the back of that,” Joey says pointing to the mangled truck.

“Unless Angie didn’t make it back, in which case they might just sell or trade our shit to someone, then where will we be?” Darren asks.

“Well fucked, I guess are you saying you want to turn around and go back for our shit right now?” Joey asks.

“It’s not like we can turn back anyhow, we’re on a mission here,” Darren says.

“Would Ray even want to turn back?” Joey asks him.

“Well we could use some ammo, even I am running low here,” Ray says.

“Well fuck I could use some more ammo as well,” Dawn says.

“Yeah I am almost out of buck shot here too,” Mark says.

“We are about to cross through a few more neighborhoods to even get to this cheese farm, so we are going to need some more ammo here very soon,” Chevelle says.

“Yeah we haven’t gotten very far at all and we’ve already used up this much ammo, this doesn’t bode well,” Ray says.

“Ok, so then let’s head back over to Blackout’s Gun Shop real quick and get us some ammo and our gear, we have a ton of supplies in the limo parked out front as well,” Joey says.

“Yeah it is either, go back now or not make it back at all,” Mark says.

So Joey, Chevelle, Darren and Candy all climb into the back of Ray’s truck. Dawn, Mark and Ray climb into the front and Ray starts it up.

They back out and head back down 20 the way they came.

“This just seems like we are not getting anywhere,” Candy says.

“It does seem silly but once we get our stuff and some more ammo we will be set up good,” Joey replies.

“Beside check out that sign man, we never made it very far anyhow,” Ray says.

A sign on the side of the road as they pass declares Gibson, five miles.

They drive back over and turn on Carrol street, Ray pulls into the Ford Dealership and Darren and Joey hop out.  They run over and find the keys exactly where they left them on the hood of a Taurus.  Candy and Chevelle follow along, and they all crowd around checking out the keys.

“Hey, dipshits isn’t that your fucking backpacks right over there on the ground?” Candy asks sarcastically.

Both Darren and Joey look at each other blankly. Chevelle and Candy start laughing.

“I knew you had a fucking backpack when we left the gunshop, you left it here the whole fucking time,” Chevelle laughs.

“At least I have a change of skivvies now and as a bonus some more ammo to stay alive,” Darren says.

“Oh no man, this sucks,” Joey says staring at the keys.

“What… What is wrong?” Chevelle says.

“The only Custom F350 left is hot pink,” Joey says.

“Well what about this one, it is only a stock F350 but it’s a dually and it’s black,” Candy says.

“Sold,” says Darren grabbing up the key.

They head over to their new truck picking up their backpacks along the way and light up a joint and pass it around while Darren pulls it over to the gas pump and fills it up. Joey tosses their backpacks into the truck bed.

They all hop in after transferring their rest of their stuff out of the back of Ray’s truck. Darren fires it up and they pull out and take a right heading for the gun shop.  They drive carefully past the building where the sniper had been hiding out. He apparently really had not had a friend up there with him, or he was taking a nap. Either way they cruise on past and dodge around the masses of wrecked stalled and burned out cars, trucks and mini-vans.

They go down to Mary street and take a left and stop a good distance from the gun shop to have a look. There is a blue mustang out front but as they watch the Mustang backs out and Junior and Angie drive past them. Junior waves as they roll past while Angie flips them off.

Darren pulls the truck up a bit and a leaning out of the window waves at the gun shop.  Marty stands up from the roof and waves at him.

Smiling Darren pulls the truck up to the crater in the road and puts it into park.

Ray pulls up the truck beside him and parks it and they all get out.

“I haven’t seen old Marty since about a month before all this started man.” Mark tells them.

“Yeah he is a good guy and Judy is a sweetheart,” Dawn replies.

“And it looks like we don’t have to put up with the super bitch, since she just left!” Darren says laughing.

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  1. May 28, 2010 at 2:20 am

    Keep it rolling man. I am enjoying this stuff! These guys are hi-larious!

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