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Episode 22: High Proof for Hot Ammo…

“Super bitch are you calling me a super bitch?” Dawn asks.

“No, uhm we were talking about a girl named Angie, just be glad you wont ever have to meet her,” Darren says laughing.

To either side of the door to the gun shop several corpses are impaled on spikes. The front door of the gun shop opens up and Marty waves them all inside.

“Hello boys and girls, I am glad you made it back,” Marty says as they step into the main room of the gun shop.

“Hi Marty it’s been a while dude, hows things?” Mark asks him.

“Oh ya know, some asshole looters try to force their way in here a couple of times a day lately. That’s them nailed up outside,” Marty explains as he throws all of the dead bolts and chains back onto the door.

“At least you’re getting some target practice,” Mark laughs.

“Was that Junior I just saw leaving?” Joey asks.

“Yeah they are headed out to Angie’s mom’s place over in Thibodaux, she wants to check on her see if she is ok,” Marty explains.

“Thank god that bitch is gone,” Darren says.

“My words from your lips,” Marty says winking at him.

Judy comes down the stairs and walks up beside Marty.

“Hi, Dawn and Mark how are you two holding up?” She asks.

“I could use a beer,” Dawn says.

“Yeah, we had to put Lorebell down, she ate Dawn’s cat,” Mark says.

“Yeah, I’m gonna miss that fucking cat,” Dawn says.

“And Lore too don’t try to play tough and lie, you were the one who spread all the Calamine lotion on her and tried to make it go away,” Mark says.

“Well she was my daughter what did you expect, but that thing I shot, with half my cat sticking out of her face, it was not my daughter,” Dawn says.

“I am soo sorry Dawn, here have a Busch,” Judy says handing her a beer.

“How you doing Ray? We have not seen you in months,” Marty asks.

“Pretty good, it looks like your place has been busier and much more popular lately. It actually looks worse right around this place then it does in the rest of the whole town put together,” Ray says.

“It is a bit, messy but it keeps most of the idiots away,” Marty replies smiling.

“Well I am sorry you had to shoot her in the face, but I know that losing a good pet is heartbreaking. I would suggest that you still have Vish though, right?” Darren asks.

Candy smacks him on the back of the head, “Your being a bit mean there, she just lost her daughter.”

“Hey she also lost her cat,” Darren say dodging under another of Candy’s smacks.

Judy reaches over and smacks Darren on the back of the head, she points an admonitory finger at him with a stern look. Darren looks down and kicks his foot a bit embarrassed.

“That’s better I don’t put up with nonsense in my house boy, you know that,” Judy says smiling.

Marty and Judy start laughing, the others soon join in.

Marty walks over behind the gun case and put his hands on the counter, “So what can I do for you folks?”

“Well I am really just looking for my…. You know what I will just keep my mouth shut,” Darren says.

“I’d like to get my shotgun that I left and those boxes of shells we traded for, also some more clips for the Ar-15 and as many boxes of 9mm cartridges as you can spare,” Joey says.

“That’s fine, the shotguns are right here,” Marty says reaching over and handing them the two shotguns leaning against the corner.

Marty also picks up and hands over a green duffel bag to Darren. He then begins laying boxes of shells on the counter and smiling at them.

“You guys have to understand here, there was going to be a gun show out in Baton Rouge here this weekend, which of course is canceled but I had ordered a whole bunch of ammo. I have several four-foot high pallets of bullets out in the back, I have more than I could ever shoot in my lifetime guys so don’t worry. You wont run me out,” Marty explains.

“Gimme something that will blow a bigger hole in somebody, I will trade you these two revolvers,” Dawn says laying her two matching chrome .38’s on the counter.

“Do you have an M249 in the back somewhere?” Mark asks.

“You want that SAW I showed you couple months ago huh?” Marty says.

“Damn skippy, if you’ve still got it,” Mark replies.

“I do still have it but Junior blew the receiver in it, up on the roof couple days ago and I am rebuilding it,” Marty replies.

“Ok, how about a .50 Desert Eagle with the halo scope and the flash light, you remember that one you had?” Mark asks.

“Ok, now that I still have, and I have that Banelli with the pistol grip you liked so much too. Also I still have that MG4 belt-fed and twelve boxes of 200-round belts,” Marty tells him.

“You got a Thompson?” Ray asks

“Yeah I just happen to have a Thompson with a nickel finish, I only have one drum for it but I have around 6 clips for it as well, and a vintage WWI ammo bag for it.” Marty tells Ray.

“You got some deer slugs for that Banelli? And hell yes I will take MG4 that thing is awesome!” Mark asks.

“You bet I do man, I got piles of them,” Marty replies.

“Ok, I want one of the Glock 17’s and a Beretta with a full-auto and three round burst,” Dawn says.

“Wow! Now you’re talking!” Marty says digging behind the counter.

“And a Machete,” Dawn says.

Marty sets a Glock in its original box on the counter and then lays a Beretta beside it, along with a Thompson Sub Machine gun and from the rack behind the counter the MG4, “There you go.”

He digs around and then walks into the back room for a minute and they hear the clatter of boxes being moved around.

“The only machetes I have are a bunch that Junior convinced me to order and no one ever bought cept him and one of his fucking friends,” Marty says emerging with a case which he sets on the counter.

The side of the box reads Erik’s Swords & Accessories. From it he withdraws several huge machetes.

“Are these the ones from the old Arnold movie dude?” Joey asks picking one up.

“Yeah, it’s a 24.5 inch long, full-tang 440 stainless steel blade, it is a nice blade. The problem was that folks were always convinced they were replica only and they never sold. So I stuck them in the back room, they been there for around a year now,” Marty explains.

“Hell you got enough for each of us to have one here Marty,” Joey says handing one to each of them.

Marty begins piling stack after stack of boxes of nine millimeter shells on the counter. Joey goes back outside and grabs his backpack from the truck and brings it back inside and begins loading the shotgun shells and nine millimeter boxes into it. Next Marty begins putting .223 Remington boxes up on the glass-top counter as well as huge boxes of 5.56 belt fed ammo for the MG4. Pulling out his empty clips Joey begins filling them. The other join in and begin filling clips and loading up.

“Now let’s talk price here folks,” Marty says.

“All right here we go, time to pay the butcher’s bill,” Mark says laughing.

“Well since it has all fallen to shit, I have been thinking about some of the little pleasures in life that I never wanted to pay for. For instance there is a liquor store across town called ‘Jim’s Spirits’ and he had some bottles of 30 and 40-year-old scotch that I have been thinking would be awful nice to have now that they don’t cost 300 bucks a fucking bottle,” Marty says.

“Hey that’s fine with me I am game to go on a hard liquor hunt for all these guns man,” Joey says.

“I’m in,” Dawn says.

“If that is the case we will need to unload the truck,” Ray says.

“Well not ours, it doesn’t have much of anything in it,” Joey says.

“Oh yeah well we have some Miller, like case after case of it, Marty if you’d like a few,” Ray says.

“Oh sure that’s fine, you boys do know the way to old Jim’s place?” Marty asks them.

Ray and Mark go outside and bring in four cases of Miller for Marty and set them by the stairs. They make several trips and end up stacking 12 cases of beer for him.

“Now you have a nice platform to stack all the scotch on,” Ray says.

“That’s great man, now hurry back will ya?” Marty says grinning.

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  1. June 4, 2010 at 1:31 am

    Keep churning it out man…guns, liquor, and ammo…there was a store by that name in my college town, heh. Sounds like the perfect place for these guys to hang out.

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