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Episode 32: Bug Zappers…

“Yes, yes this field is fucking boring, and I vote that we smoke a big fatty,”Joey says as they walk back toward Ray’s house.

“And I vote that we make some cheeseburgers, some great big fat fucking cheeseburgers,”Ray says.

“I would not mind a cheeseburger,”Candy says.

“Well the only cows we’ve seen since this thing went down, have been some fucked up, infected-looking bastards that I am not entirely sure, I would be at all comfortable eating,”Joey says.

“Well I’m not about to chase down and butcher a fucking cow, it is a shitload of effort to butcher a cow and then once your cut off all the steaks and roasts and ribs and whatnot, then you take everything that is left including the scraps and you shove it all into a grinder, I don’t happen to have a grinder, at all. So the chances of us getting a hamburger are slimmed down to us finding a fast food place or butcher shop or something with a generator working and some frozen meat in stock,”Darren says.

“So then let’s go and try to find ourselves a meat-packing plant on the way to or from the cheese farm, then we can kill two birds with one stone,”Chevelle says.

“Why not just grind up some fucking pork, because we have alot of pigs and just have a ground pork burger?”Joey asks.

“Hey I am game for that,”Ray agrees.

“Or some BBQ ribs, I love me some country-style pork ribs, done right those are some fucking good eating,”Candy says.

“Fucking hell, your making me fucking hungry damnit,”Joey says as they enter Ray’s backyard.

They all walk over and stare into the pig sty at the rutting swine.

“You know, it is not a bad idea, pork is considered the other white meat,”Darren says.

“I love me some pork, all covered in sauce,”Candy says grinning.

“You sure the fuck do,”Darren says.

“So Ray, now that you’ve had time to think about it, are you going to rebuild your outhouse, or perhaps build another one?”Joey asks, looking over at the remains of the smashed outhouse.

“Hell, I don’t rightly know, I haven’t used the damn thing in years, so I guess I will just leave it as it lay,”Ray responds.

“I think we should go and get the cheese though, I mean we’ve been meaning to do it for two days now, why not just run over there and get it and get on back here,”Chevelle asks.

“All right, I will run over and ask Mark if he will help me come get a pig going, you guys take Dawn and have her show you where the farm is. You go over get the cheese and get on back here, in time for dinner,”Ray says.

“Right on,”Joey says.

Ray walks over to Dawn’s house and a little while later Dawn and Mark come over with Vish trailing behind with Ray.

“Ok let’s get out of here,”Dawn said, her eyes red-rimmed and she is holding a bottle of Gentlemen Jack like it is her safety blanket.

“Right on,”Darren says.

Mark and Ray walk over with Vish to the pig pen. Chevelle, Candy, Dawn, Joey and Darren all pile into the truck. Darren starts it up and they tear out of there. They haul ass to the corner of Deadwood Road and take a right. Darren guns it and they rocket down the street and soon the overpass for the I-90, Bayou Black drive comes into view.

They pass up I-90 due to the piles of wrecked cars they saw on there the last time they headed this way and they take a left on Bayou Black which leads to Highway-20. Joey rolls up a fatty and passes it around, while Chevelle hands out beers to everyone. They soon pass-by the intersection of the other end of Deadwood road, the way they had went the last time they tried to head for the cheese farm. The smashed bus is still there but the bodies are all gone and the smears on the road indicate that gators have dragged them off into the stagnant water to be devoured. Just as they pass the waters in the ditch swirl and a scabrous snout appears.

“Those things are so fucking gross, alligators were bad enough before this shit happened and now these fucking infected post-apocalypse gators really make me want to hurl,”Candy says making fake gagging noises.

“They are fairly ugly, but they do make some pretty boots,”Joey says.

“Not bad belts either, Chevelle replies.

“Ehh zombie belts? Zombie gator belts? Doesn’t sounds too appealing,”Darren laughs.

“Actually when you put it like that I guess the idea sounds wicked and cool but I am sure the stench would be horrific,”Joey says handing Dawn the joint.

“Yeah, you would never get that smell off of you either, those things fucking stank,”Dawn says, taking a hit and handing the joint to Chevelle.

They pass by houses that have been burned down, and houses where people have been nailed to their front walls and burned alive. They pass by bodies lying burned up in the road. They pass by cars pulled off on the shoulder of the road, some burned to cinders and other just abandoned. They pass houses with blood covering whatever paint used to be there. They drive past houses with pentagrams burned into their yards and painted on doors and walls. They pass by homes with so many motorcycle tire-marks into their front yard that they more closely resemble super-cross tracks than lawns now.

“Dude, they certainly did not seem to like anyone who fucking lived on this stretch of road at all,”Joey says.

“This was those bikers wasn’t it?”Chevelle asks.

“Yes,”Dawn replies.

They pass by a home with three crosses standing in the front yard, all are upside-down and on each is nailed an eviscerated corpse, it is hard to tell if they were men or women though because each body is covered in clouds of flies.

“Do we even have enough fly-tape to cover all that?”Candy asks.

“Anybody got a bug zapper?”Darren wonders.

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Episode 31: Oblivious Scavenging…

They all begin to search the wreckage for anything useful and entangled in the net are a bunch of boxes of medical supplies.

“Hey check it out, bandages, morphine, swabs and all kindsa shit,” Chevelle says.

“Nice!” Ray says, coming over to help her gather it up.

There is a moaning noise from the main part of the wreckage, and they all look over quickly. Ray turns and blasts the pilot, who is struggling with the seatbelt holding him into his seat in the face with his Thompson machine gun. The back of the pilot’s helmet explodes as three of the .45 rounds puncture his face.

Everyone stops what they are doing and stares at Ray.

“What?” Ray asks looking around.

They continue to just stare at him without speaking.

“What? He was moaning, so he was infected right?” Ray asks.

“Ray, he was flying a fucking helicopter and it crashed. Did you ever think that he might have been hurt in the massive wreck and thereby might… and just listen this is important here… he might have been moaning in agony? Perhaps?” Joey yells.

“Ray you’re an idiot,” Candy says laughing.

“Well Ray I can give you this, I doubt he is going to turn into a zombie without a head, so I guess you saved him from that,”Darren says.

“Ray go over there and get his guns and all of his ammo, since you shot him in the fucking face, you get to go scavenge his corpse you fucking twisted jackal,”Joey says.

“Yeah Ray, get in there and root around on that corpse and look for anything tasty you hyena,” Darren says.

“More like a vulture with those neck wattles,”Chevelle says laughing.

“Hey c’mon, guys,”Ray says dejectedly, as he trudges over to search the body.

Ray roots around for a minute and grabs up the pilots M9 and grabs both of his extra clips from his ammo pouch. Ray finds a map in the pilots leg pocket as well which he takes.

“Hey guys I found a map on this dude,”Ray says.

“Whats on the map Ray?”Candy asks walking over to him.

“Yeah what does it show,”Joey asks.

“It is a map of the French Quarter, and there is an X on a building across Canal street from the Tulane Hospital,”Ray says.

“See that there?”Chevelle says pointing to the intersection of Chartres and Wilkinson.

Far off to their left an infected walks into the field, his mouth gaping open covered in blackened-blood, he stumbles across the field toward them.

“Yeah,”Darren says as they all crowd around to look at the map.

“That is where Randy lives over the top of the pastry shop,”Chevelle says and Candy nods.

“Well, when Randy was living, he was living there,”Darren laughs.

The infected stumbles over something in the high grass of the field and falls down.

“Yeah, it’s so weird that he is dead,”Candy says.

“Okay then that is where he lived, but I figure now it is a safe spot. If we can get there we can hide out there safe and sound. Besides he has a badass bong in there, it’s a beauty,”Chevelle says with a grin.

“Speaking of that,”Joey says lighting up a joint and passing it around.

There is a brief struggle as the grasses shake violently where the infected fell. An arm severed at the elbow flies into the air and blood spins off of it as it twists in mid-air and then falls with a splat.

“Right on,”Ray says taking a big hit and passing it on.

“So my mom lives over here, at 628 Ursulines Ave. Your going to love my mom she is quite a character,”Candy says.

An alligator stalks by them in the waves of grass dragging a severed leg with it as it hurries by.

“Very cool, I look forward to meeting her,”Darren says taking a long hit off the joint and handing it to Joey.

“Well this field is fucking boring, nothing exciting happening out here, let’s go hack us up a pig and have some dinner,”Joey says taking a hit and handing it to Ray.

“Right on, field boring, pig cooking,”Ray says as he turns and walks back for his house.

“Yeah Joey, nothing exciting? A fucking helicopter just crashed out of the sky, and we, or rather Ray, shot a pilot in the head a few times, we found a map to the possible secret location and we found enough morphine to get the population of Detroit high all at once, but sure yeah this field is dead boring…”Darren says, annoyed.

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Episode 30: In-Flight Meal…

“Well that party sure went to shit fast didn’t it?” Joey says.

“Sure as fuck did,” Chevelle says.

“Was it a party or was it a wake?” Darren asks.

“I don’t know,” Candy replies.

“I don’t know either but I would recommend cleaning your guns out since we’ve had quite a few fire fights and really haven’t taken the time to clean our weapons,” Darren says.

“Yeah cause nothing says party, like cleaning out a rifle,” Candy replies sarcastically.

“Well at least it is relaxing, like those Tibetan Zen Masters, they have it right when they talk about things that relax the mind and get one closer to peace,” Darren says.

“It is relaxing to you maybe, but cleaning out a gun isn’t my idea of trying to relax. That requires a warm bath, some candles and a huge bottle of gin,” Chevelle says.

“Yeah, I will tell you what you clean out my gun, and maybe later I will take care of yours. How does that sound?” Candy says to him with a jaunty wink.

“Where is my duffel,” Darren says, looking around as if it were sitting somewhere nearby.

“It is in there beside the table,” Chevelle says gesturing to the house..

Darren walks inside and opening his duffel, he pulls out his gun cleaning kit and begins to turn to go back outside. His eyes lock with something on the table, his stomach rebels against him, because sitting there on the table is a solid-green moldy mass in a plastic bag of what he once tried to eat as cheese. Darren darts back outside quickly bending over by the back door he proceeds to vomit up everything he has eaten today. The smell washes back at him from the vomit and he dry heaves a few times as well his now-empty stomach clenches and unclenches in spasms of pain as it rolls and threatens to rebel again.

Joey walks over and glances inside, he spies the cheese on the table and walking in he grabs it up and brings it out with him. Standing by the still-crouched over Darren he waves it over his head and Chevelle smiles. Whipping it up Joey tosses the bag into the pig pen.

“Hey now don’t feed them plastic dang it,” Ray says, from the lawn chair he has parked himself in but makes no effort to stand or do anything about it at all.

Candy walks over as Darren stands up and hands him a fresh beer to wash the taste out of his mouth. Darren pops the top on the Miller and he gargles it a bit and then spits out that mouthful and then smiling takes a good long drink of the rest.

“That cheese packs a fucking punch even three days later,” Darren says to them holding his stomach.

Darren walks back in and clearing off a spot on the table, begins to clean his guns. Candy walks in and brings her guns to him as well, she gives him a little kiss and hands him a joint as he works.

A whomping noise from the distance begins and steadily gets louder. It gets closer and they all hear a helicopter approaching. Darren and Candy rush outside and they all look up at and see a helicopter fly over head. Below it hangs a rescue basket, climbing up the woven together ropes of the basket are a bunch of the infected. Even as they stare up at it while it passes by one of the infected loses its grip on the rope and tumbles down toward them. There is horrific splattering noise accompanied by a crashing sound of wood as the body smashes through Ray’s outhouse.

“Look!” Darren yells.

Two of the infected have reached the landing skids of the helicopter, they climb into the open side-doors and suddenly the chopper skews to the left and begins to spin out-of-control. It tips over sideways and goes down with a horrific crash.

“Holy hell, it landed over there across Deadwood in the field,” Ray says.

They all start running and sure enough as they cross Deadwood road there is smoke rising from the smashed remnants of the helicopter.

They draw their guns and approach it cautiously, one of the infected, its face mangled by the crash and it’s lower body smashed to flattened paste tries to crawl towards them and collapses instantly as it pulls its own lower torso off.

One of the dead bodies has a radio on its belt that survived the crash. Darren grabs it and clips it to his belt.

“Great now it’s raining infected, what will they think of next?” Ray complains.

“I wonder if they were serving an in-flight meal?” Chevelle asks.

“If they were, apparently some folks did not like it,” Darren laughs.

“Hell, I think they tried to make the Pilots the in-flight meal,” Joey laughs.

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Episode 29: Officer Rob Explains…

October 12, 2010 1 comment

Rob sat there smoking his huge joint and Chevelle was passing another one around to everyone else. Mark is still holding Darren and Candy weeping, holding them tight.

“So what have you heard Rob? Anything about the government or anything from the army?” Joey asks and then takes a huge hit of the joint and passes it to Chevelle.

“Yeah, I have heard a ton of stuff, none of it good,” Rob replies.

“What about the oil corporations are they trying salvage any of the refineries?” Ray asks.

“Yes, there is plenty of things going on with the refineries, all of it bad. We got called the other day to go in and try to help some ’emergency’ teams with taking their assets back over. Essentially it was some special-ops soldiers trying to preserve our hold on the gasoline production and thus our way of life,” Rob says taking a colossal hit.

“So you had to go escort some special forces to these jobs, what happened?” Ray asks.

“They got fucked up and I barely made it out alive,” Rob says laughing.

“Why what happened?”Joey asks, as Mark and the others finally break their hug and Darren grabs a joint from Chevelle and takes a huge hit.

“They found out that some bikers had gotten there first and were not all that ready to give up their free gas for life,” Rob says giggling.

“Some bikers, oh shit,” Joey says under his breath.

“Yes, oh shit is right, the fucking Brotherhood was there in force and they fucked those soldiers up in a big bad way. I fell down and hid behind the fence and then crawled over to the car and I hopped in, tore-ass outta there,” Rob says.

“Oh great, so wait what happened next?” Ray asks.

“I got on the radio as I drove home and I told the guys who tried to organize the raid that it got fucked up and after a ton of stupid questions, I finally got home and I’ve pretty much given up trying to help those douche-bags anymore,” Rob says.

“So that is ok? You can just quit?” Ray asks.

“Well it was all volunteer stuff anyhow, the guys in New Orleans were organizing it. And with what I have heard on the radio since then I am glad I decided to blow them off,” Rob explains.

Candy sits down on the ground beside Darren and rolls up another joint, Joey passes them both a fresh beer from the case by Rob’s chair.

“What have you heard?” Ray asks, his eyes alight with the glow of a conspiracy theory.

“No, wait fuck that. What did you hear about the guys in New Orleans? There is still government there?” Darren asks.

“No, yes, wait. Ok yes there are some guys trying to keep the government going in New Orleans, they are failing miserably. They showed up a few days ago in some black semi-trucks and Humvees. They got onto the police band and started ordering the police and emergency services around” Rob says.

“And it was these guys who wanted you to help take over the refineries?” Joey asks.

“Yes, these guys have gotten around one hundred of the surviving cops and fire men killed so far. We have all pretty much agreed to let them rant and rave and just ignore them,” Rob says.

“Yeah man, whoa,” Mark says, completely drunk now.

“So here over past few days I have just been hanging out in Gray and patrolling the neighborhood and taking out any of the infected that I see, I’ve stopped a few feuds between neighbors as well. Which was kinda fun several times. Anyhow, my wife Darcy and I just stay there in our little town and I just live to keep her safe now,” Rob says.

“So then where is she?” Chevelle asks smiling.

“She is a bit upset, she accidentally thought the neighbor was infected and she may or may not have shot him in the face,” Rob says with a sigh.

“So that’s why you showed up to get her some weed,” Ray says.

“Exactly, Darcy is out of weed and frankly the world is over so fuck it why not just join her and get stoned and have a fucking good time right?” Rob asks.

“Fucking A,” Dawn says.

Rob gets up and seals the giant bag of dope and he smiles and walks over to his car. He waves and they all wave back and hopping in he fires it up and then he is gone.

“Well that was a fucking trip,” Joey says.

“Yeah,” Mark says, holding Dawn in a tight hug.

Dawn begins to cry. She breaks down weeping, finally caught up in the abject sorrow of her daughter’s death. She leans against Mark crying on his shoulder. Mark nods to them all and picking her up, he walks over and into their house with her.

“…And we still never got any fucking cheese,” Ray says.

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Episode 28: Unexpected Company…

October 10, 2010 2 comments

Looking down the side of their trailer, Dawn suddenly takes off running toward their backyard.

“Oh shit Lore’s body was back there!”

“Oh hell no,” Mark yells and runs after her.

They all run around the back of the house where they find Mark and Dawn vomiting near their back porch, beside which lies the torn and mangled remains of their daughter, Lorebelle. There are a few bits of bone remaining with flesh attached to them, the chest cavity has been torn open and there are only a few tiny scraps of various guts and internal organs scattered around the corpse. Her skull has been smashed open and eaten down to her upper jaw, nothing of her eyes or brains remains to be found at all. Of her lower extremities her legs are nothing but bones with a gore-caked flip-flop lying nearby.

Darren grabs up Dawn under the arms and helping her, he walks her back out front to the truck and grabbing up her bottle of brandy he gave her in the store opens it and gives it to her. She quietly sits in the passenger side of the truck and drinks from the bottle her eyes staring off into space. Darren assures her he will take care of her, and heads over to Ray’s and grabs up a shovel and a pick-axe. Joey helps Mark out front and sits him on the tailgate of the truck, Vish follows along and sits beside his dad. Joey yanks open a case of Miller and hands one to Mark. Mark pops the top and Joey reaches into a shopping bag in the back of the truck and opens up a bottle of Crown Royal. He takes a huge swig and hands it to Mark as well. Mark stares at the bottle in one hand and the beer in the other for a few seconds and then slams the beer in one long drink and crumpling the can tosses it away. He then raises up the bottle of whiskey and drinks a huge pull, he then lowers the bottle and lets out a sigh. His head hangs down and Vish pats him on the back, while Joey rolls up a joint and lighting it hands it to Mark.

Chevelle, Candy and Ray are unloading the trucks and taking the cases of beer over to his place. Quite a few of the cases they leave by Mark and Dawn’s front door as well, along with several bottles of booze.

Once they are done unloading, Joey and Chevelle walk over behind Mark’s house to join Candy and Darren while Ray disappears into his greenhouse.

“Here ya go man have yourself a beer man,” Joey says putting an entire twelve pack on the ground beside the huge grave Darren is digging.

Candy opens the twelve pack and popping one open hands a beer to Darren. Chevelle lights up a huge fatty and taking a hit hands it to Candy who takes a nice big hit and holds it to Darren’s lips for him to take a hit as well.

The grave Darren is digging is already nearly waist deep, he pauses for a few seconds and slams an entire beer in one go. He grabs up his shovel again and begins to dig once more. Joey and Chevelle pull out some trash bags and putting on some surgical gloves they grabbed from Ray’s kitchen, they begin picking up the various body pieces and parts spread around the rotting corpse. They are in the process of that when they hear the sound of tires rolling over gravel in the driveway where the trucks are parked.

“Holy hell it’s the cops,” Vish yells jumping up with a joint in his hand and running inside his house, where the echoing sound of his front door slamming is heard seconds later.

“Fucking kid ran off with the weed damn it,” Mark yells out.

“Here come get some more,” Ray yells from the open door to his buried storage container.

“Oh hell he wasn’t kidding, good afternoon officer,” Dawn says to the policeman climbing out of his patrol car.

The cop glances around taking in the shallow grave being dug, the body parts being gathered up, the grow room of marijuana and the couple drinking in the trucks parked in the street and he pushes back his hat and wipes the sweat from his brow.

“Good afternoon,” is all he says.

The officer walks into Ray’s yard and some words are exchanged. Ray smiles and disappears back inside for a few seconds, returning with a huge bag of weed. The cop sits down on one of Ray’s lawn chairs and begins to roll himself up a huge joint.

“I haven’t done this since the police academy,” the cop says as first Ray and then Dawn walk over to watch.

Mark stands up and approaches him as well holding his bottle of Crown Royal like it’s a baby in his arms. Joey nudges Chevelle and they stand up and tie off the garbage bag. They set is down beside the grave Darren is still digging and they walk over to Ray’s yard as well.

“Since the academy?” Ray asks.

“Yeah they pass around some joints and have us all get high, so that we know what the effect is and what it is like,” the cop replies.

“I thought that was just some bullshit they put into a movie,” Dawn laughs.

“Nope, err… Well, I thought so too, until it happened to me,” the officer replies.

“I am Dawn by the way, this is my husband Mark,” Dawn tells the cop.

“Nice to meet ya my name is Robert Fox, ma’am” he says jovially.

“I’m Joey and this here is Chevelle, nice to meet you Rob,” Joey says.

“Hi, y’all,” Rob says licking the paper he gives the joint in his hands a final twist and with a flourish puts it in the corner of his mouth.

Chevelle grins at him and lights up the end of his joint for him with a lighter she pulls from her pocket. Rob smiles and takes a huge hit and begins coughing.

Darren sets the shovel aside and climbs out of the shoulder-deep hole. Pulling himself up he and Candy giggle as they dust off his now completely filthy clothes. She takes a glance over at Ray’s yard and since no one is looking, kicks the garbage bag into the grave.  Darren starts to roar with laughter and she quickly covers his mouth with her hand shushing him insistently. Darren keeps giggling as they begin kicking dirt into the open grave.

“Are you serious? Really? Where is your sense of respect for the dead?” Darren laughs.

Candy keeps laughing and punches him in the arm as they both keep kicking dirt over the bag.

“Talk about grave humor,” Darren says laughing until tears run down his face.

They finish kicking the dirt into the hole and then tamp it down with their boots until it is packed firmly. They are still quaking with giggles with copious tears of mirth running down their faces as they walk arm in arm over to Ray’s yard.

Mark looks up as they approach, seeing them sniveling and the tears on their faces he glances over their shoulders to his yard. He sees the grave dug and filled in, and here are his two new friends weeping opening for his beloved daughter. He steps up and throws his arms around both of them hugging them close.

“Y’all didn’t even never know her and your compassion and tears are overwhelming me. Thank you. Thank you so much,” Mark says.

Darren looks over Mark’s shoulder at Candy who has tears streaming down her face and she is biting her bottom lip so hard it looks like she is about to draw blood. Darren has to close his eyes and bite his own lip to keep from screaming with laughter. The shaking of them both comforts the drunken Mark who holds them close until they quiet down adding his own tears to theirs.

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Episode 27: BBQ on Bayou Black Dr.

After a bacon and coffee breakfast everyone heads down to the store.

“All right folks let’s get your trucks loaded up and get you on the way,” Marty says as they all gather up at the counter.

Joey and Darren strap on the holsters for their new machetes and Joey also puts the holster for two Glock 17’s on his belt one on each hip. Joey puts the extra loaded clips into the slots of the 9-clip case on his belt. Darren loads up about 10 speed loaders for his Judge 4510TKS and puts them into the slots in his custom speed loader case on his belt.

They both load up around 6 clips each for their AR-15s and put those into the Tactical NY Swat Combat Vests that Marty set them up with. They each grab an extra mag-lite and put them into the holster on the vest. Each of the girls load up their own combat vest while Ray, Mark and Dawn load up theirs. After around twenty minutes of preparation Marty brings out the walkie-talkies and they load those into the custom pockets on the left side of their vests.

“Ok, I put all of the walkie-talkies on channel 9 so we can all hear each other and such,” Marty says.

“Right on,” Joey says.

“Very cool, how long does the charge in the walkie-talkie last?” Ray asks.

“Well the box says the charge can last up to a week, so we’re pretty good,” Marty replies.

“That’s great, thanks Marty,” Joey says heading for the door.

They spend about ten more minutes getting the trucks loaded up and ready to go. Marty is up on the roof and waves goodbye to them, they all wave back and they all climb in and fire up the two trucks.

“Ok, first place we’re going is to Ray’s so we can check on Vish and get him some ammo and such,” Mark says over channel 9 from Ray’s truck.

“Right on, we’re right behind ya Ray punch it,” Joey says from their truck.

Chevelle rolls up another fatty and lighting it passes it around as the trucks roll slowly down the street away from the gun shop. They take a left at the next intersection and swing over to Bayou Black Dr. and take another left. They roll down the road looking at the rows of houses all abandoned or boarded up since the end happened. One house has been burned down since the last time they came by and the front yard looks like it held a motor cycle rally, the yard is churned up with bike tracks. There is an upside-down cross in the front yard with a body nailed to it. It looks like the body has had its skin removed, there is blood everywhere. There are three more bodies each has been chained into a kneeling position and are burned to a crisp. It looks like they were questioning one of them and killing others as they went along.

Ray slows down his truck and they all look at the carnage laid out before them.

“This is what those Brotherhood of Genocide were doing last night, weren’t they?” Candy says.

“This is exactly what happened to that Anton Riley guy and his family too,” Chevelle says.

“I am afraid so, it looks like we’re going to have to deal with these fuckers after all,” Mark replies.

“This’ll be a good chance fer ‘ole Ray up there to test out his truck and see if it’s as good against bikes as it is against zombies,” Darren says into his headset.

“Bikes might ding my under-carriage, I might not wanna run any of them over, but I got no problem running ’em off the road,” Ray replies.

“So your saying you wanna tap these bikers in the rear-end and send them assholes over elbows into the ditch? Sounds kinky Ray,” Darren replies.

“From the looks of these two families, dead in a ditch is the nicest way I’d consider killing these assholes,” Dawn says with a snarl.

“From the sounds of all those engines last night, you’ll get your chance, you all will. There are fuck loads of them out there,” Joey says.

They get the trucks moving again and soon they approach turn off for Deadwood Rd. which they take heading north. They go north until they get to South st. and they turn left. As soon as they approach their house, Vish comes running out into the street. He stops by the passenger window to Rays truck who stops beside him. There is a frantic yelling picked up from Dawn’s headset and then Mark and Dawn get out of the truck in a hurry and run over toward their place followed closely by Vish.

“What’s going on?” Joey asks.

“Dogs,” Mark says.

As they approach their trailer a clamoring of dogs erupts, Mark and Dawn follow Vish into their yard.

Darren stops the truck and they all get out grabbing up their guns they run for Mark and Dawn’s place. They get there as Mark opens up the gate beside the trailer leading to their back yard. From around the back corner of their trailer a pack of rotted-infected dogs come tearing for them. Vish raises his shotgun as Mark brings up his MG4, while Dawn raises up her Beretta and they all open fire. They dogs drop to the ground their pustule-riddled flesh exploding from the bullets tearing through them. Blood and Bone fragments spray into the air as the corpses collapse under the intense barrage of bullets. More and more dogs come around the corner and seem to explode in sprays of blood as the steel-jacketed slugs tear them to pieces instantly. The last of the dogs falls to the ground and when it finally stops twitching they all lower their guns and begin to reload them.

“Well that takes care of that,” Dawn says.

“Yeah, it was a dog-gone shame,” Mark says.

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Episode 26: of Coffee and Cannabis…

Marty picks up the boxes of scotch and smiles at them and proceeds upstairs. From beyond the door behind them the roaring engines reach a crescendo and another barrage of gunfire is unleashed.

“Let’s go check it out from the roof,” Joey says grabbing Chevelle and hurrying upstairs.

Dawn and Mark follow them up and once on the roof they hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance as a storm rolls in across the night sky. The mist on the ground hides everything around the roof from sight and even the parking lot out front of the store is closed off from view.

“It sounds like there are over a 100 motorcycles out there,” Bubba says.

“There were never a 100 of those fucks even before the world ended,” Joey says laughing at Bubba.

“Yeah but having the world end, makes being in a crazy power-hungry gang seem like a safer bet then being a guy alone in his house,” Mark says.

“It just sounds like it is a 100 of those guys, it is the mist that is making it seem that way, fog has a way to distort sound and echoes and multiply them,” Chevelle says.

“She watches too much science channel, but I think she is right,” Candy says as she and Ray and Darren arrive on the roof.

Out in the darkness a scream is heard, followed immediately by another wave of gunfire.

“Who the fuck are they shooting at out there,” Joey asks.

“Yeah, we were just out there and there wasn’t anyone on the streets at all,” Mark replies.

“Maybe they are dragging folks out of there houses?” Dawn queries.

“Why would they do that?” Bubba asks.

“To take what you have? To grab whatever they want? Maybe a bit of both?” Darren says.

“Yeah with the death of that goofy game warden the other day, there is no law here in Gibson anymore, well no law but our own anyhow,” Ray says quietly.

“Speaking of that we really need to go back and check on Vish,” Dawn says thinking of bikers pulling people from their homes.

“Right on,” Darren agrees.

“Yeah we kinda have a pass from them, as long as your here, your good, they ain’t coming back here anytime soon,” Marty says.

“You had a run-in with the Brotherhood there Marty?” Joey asks.

“Yeah they came up here about a day before you guys showed up and words were exchanged, shots were fired, and dynamite was thrown and well let’s just say that this here stand-off would end with me still here and alot of them dead on the street,” Marty says.

“Yeah so they took themselves on their bikes and back around the corner like some clever dicks,” Bubba says squirting some Redman juice off the roof.

“While you guys were gone I found some better walkie-talkies, remind me to get them for ya before you take off. I would recommend you staying the night though and letting this mist clear up and that storm pass,” Marty says.

Lightning strikes in the distance, illuminating the fog out over the town for just a split-second. The rumbling crash of thunder that immediately follows it is accompanied by a sheet of rain falling and wetting them instantly.

“Holy hell,” Dawn says and races back into the stairwell.

“Mother fuck,” Chevelle says and hurries after her.

“Fuck this shit,” Candy and Joey say at once and they to, head for the door.

Bubba pulls his poncho over his head and squats down on the edge of the roof like a miserable plastic-wrapped gargoyle. Mark, Marty, Darren and Ray follow the others down the stairwell.


The smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing wakes Joey up from his spot under some blankets on the floor with Chevelle. He pulls his arm from under her and sits up rubbing his eyes. She groans and sits up as well, her hair a wreck of jagged spikes covering her eyes and most of her face as well.

Joey looks around and sees Ray cuddled up with one of Junior’s old teddy bears, with his thumb in his mouth curled and up in the fatal position, he nudges Chevelle and they both share a grin. Joey picks up his pillow and chunks at Ray smashing him in the face. The sound of someone gagging on their own thumb is briefly heard and Ray is suddenly sitting up as well.

Joey reaches into the cargo pocket on his pants and pulls out his fixings, he proceeds to roll up a joint and nudging Chevelle he gets up and heads for the kitchen stepping carefully over Darren and Candy as he goes by.

“Morning Judy care for a morning doobie?” Joey says pulling out a chair for Chevelle who swipes the joint from his mouth as she sits down.

“Hey…” Joey says sitting down next to her.

“Yeah, spark it up,” Judy says setting a pair of filled coffee cups on the table before them.

Chevelle lights up the joint and takes a hit that would put Snoop Dogg to shame, she smiles and hands it over to Judy. Who grins at Joey and takes a big hit herself before passing it on to Joey.

“Finally,” Joey says taking a big ole hit and then a sip of coffee.

“Smooth,” Judy says exhaling and then laughing until she coughs.

“Nice,” Chevelle says taking a hit and handing the joint to Ray who enters the kitchen and sits down beside Joey, across from Judy.

“Nothing better than coffee and cannabis, to start off your day right,” Ray says taking a huge hit and smiling.

Judy nods and pours him a cup of coffee and slides it over in front of Ray.

They all raise their coffee mugs and clink them together.

“Coffee and Cannabis” they all say at once as a toast.

“I am surprised those Brotherhood of Genocide fuck-tards haven’t found themselves a nice secluded spot and whipped up a batch of magic kool-aid together yet,” Darren says walking over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup.

Joey is rolling another joint at the table while Chevelle is flicking the seeds at Ray as he giggles.

“Buds, brew and bacon it’s a Bolivian breakfast baby get on up Candy girl,” Darren says through the kitchen into the living room.

Ray proceeds to roll a fatty himself and once Joey is done they get two going at once as Candy comes out and joins them at the table sitting down next to Judy.

Darren goes out to his duffle bag and brings back a package of blunt wraps.

They proceed to roll up many more joints and eat lots of bacon. Another pot of coffee is brewed and a bunch of toast is made.

“Man another thing about the end of the world sucking is the fact that the donuts shops are closed forever, that is a crime against all we hold dear,” Joey says.

“To donuts,” they all says at once clinking their coffee cups together.

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Episode 25: Brotherhood of Genocide

From upstairs gunfire erupts, Joey and Darren look over at each other and Dawn looks around.

“Let’s get the booze and get the hell out of here,” Dawn says quietly.

“Yes, it sounds like it is time to leave,” Joey says.

Darren walks over to the shelves and grabs up three black silver-embossed boxes.

“This ought to do it,” he says.

“Wow old Jim had some badass stashed whiskey down here man,” Joey says looking around at the 30+ year-old scotch boxes sitting around on the shelves.

“Seems like way more rare spirits then a tiny town like this would seem to warrant don’t ya think?” Dawn says.

“Yeah Gibson is full of little strange things like that, like why was there a full-blown SWAT team here in a tiny edge-of-the-swamp town? Why was there a bomb squad?” Joey asks.

“I once asked Sheriff Murphy about that at the diner one morning over breakfast. He said it was because of the refineries, if someone tried to start up some shit out there, they were going to need some boys to come in there and waste some assholes,” Darren says.

“All right enough bullshitting let’s get these out to the truck,” Dawn says grabbing up a few boxes of 45-year old scotch and heading up the stairs.

The boys follow her up the stairs and they move across the store to the front door. Outside they pause in the open doorway watching Ray, Mark and Candy shooting down the infected as they stumble toward them on the road. The street is littered with fallen bullet-riddled bodies and pools of blood and splattered of brain matter and bone splinters are spread around like rainwater on the paved surface. In that instant the gibbous moon shines down from between the roiling clouds and its phantasmal light glimmers from the shining surface of the blood reflecting the grim visions of death to them as they hurry over to the truck and load the boxes into the back.

“Okay just a few more trips and we are out of here,” Darren says and hurries back into the store.

“Hey grab some brandy and some wine for a marinade for the pigs,” Ray yells.

Joey hurries back in and grabs a few shopping bags from behind the counter, he loads a few bottles of various wine into one and loads alot of Hennessy X.O cognac into the other. He comes back outside and puts those into the back of the truck and turns and runs back into the store. He comes inside just as Darren comes back up the stairs and turning locks the office door with the key they found and pockets it as he hurries for the door. His arms are full of more boxes of rare aged scotch as he rushes outside and loads them into the truck carefully.

Joey grabs up two more bags and loads them up with about 6 Crown royal boxes each. He walks back outside the store as the shooting stops and a silence falls across the parking lot and a light breeze picks up wafting the stench of unwashed blown-apart bodies to him as he hands the bags to Mark in the back of the truck.

“Whoa, dude check it out, that is cool,” Joey says.

From across the road a heavy mist rolls in on the light breeze, concealing the moon above and the mangled pus and gore-splattered bodies below. The smell of released bowels washes over them as they watch the mist concealing everything from view.

“That is cool, we should get the hell out of here,” Ray says.

“Yes, let’s go everyone get up in the truck,” Mark says.

Joey and Chevelle walk over and climb into the back as Dawn climbs into the passenger side and slams the door.  Darren laughs and climbs into the back as the mist covers them completely and Ray throws the truck into gear.

The truck tires crunch as they roll over the faces and chests of the fallen infected littering the road. Ray turns on the fog lights and they move back toward the center of town. The buildings and streets are silent, other than the purring truck engine they don’t hear anything else at all. The cloying mist surrounding the truck seems to be inhibiting sound as well as sight. They keep moving and have steer wide around a crater behind a burned out Winnebago. As they turn to head back for the gun shop a pus-dripping figure lurches out of the mist and slams its hands and face against Ray’s door on the raised truck. A shot rings out as Chevelle fires and blows the back off its head out. The body crumples to the ground and the rear tires of the truck roll over its arms smashing them flat as they pass. The mist closes the body off from view and a howl echoes through the night air.

“Listen to that!” Ray says as they roll slowly along through the mist.

In the distance the sound of roaring motorcycles is heard getting closer. From the buildings around them the echoes bouncing back seem to make the engines blaring noises come from all around them.

“Everyone be quiet,” Ray says.

“Holy hell is that them?” Joey asks quietly.

“I was hoping, what with the end of the world and all, that they all died,” Darren replies.

The sounds of the motorcycle engines gets louder and louder as Ray keeps rolling toward the gun shop. They park by the crater where once a piss-yellow Pinto was parked and Ray shuts off the truck’s engine. They begin getting out of the truck and grabbing up boxes of scotch when Ray shushes them and turns to listen.

Through the concealing fog the echoes of laughter is heard and suddenly a massive explosion rocks the night air. They feel the bass-thump of the eruption in their chests and a torrent of gunfire shatters stillness. They can see nothing at all with the shrouding haze but the roaring bike engines and fired gunshots make it sound like an old gang movie was being shot a few blocks over.

“Let’s get this shit into the gun shop, I gotta feeling this is a bad night to be hanging outside,” Darren says picking up three of the scotch boxes.

They all grab up liquor and hurry up to the door of the shop. Joey taps the door with his boot and it opens almost immediately by Marty.

“Get in here, quickly,” Marty says.

They rush inside and Marty slams the door behind them the sound of the roaring motorcycles cuts off in intensity and in the sudden muted hushed quiet of the store they can still hear  a tiny distant buzz of the bikes noises.

“What is it? What is going on?” Chevelle asks Joey.

“It’s them, those fuck-tards,” Joey replies.

“What fuck-tards?” Candy says looking over at Darren.

“The Brotherhood of Genocide…” Darren replies as he calmly sets down the scotch boxes and begins loading the clip of his AR-15.

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