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Episode 26: of Coffee and Cannabis…

Marty picks up the boxes of scotch and smiles at them and proceeds upstairs. From beyond the door behind them the roaring engines reach a crescendo and another barrage of gunfire is unleashed.

“Let’s go check it out from the roof,” Joey says grabbing Chevelle and hurrying upstairs.

Dawn and Mark follow them up and once on the roof they hear the rumbling of thunder in the distance as a storm rolls in across the night sky. The mist on the ground hides everything around the roof from sight and even the parking lot out front of the store is closed off from view.

“It sounds like there are over a 100 motorcycles out there,” Bubba says.

“There were never a 100 of those fucks even before the world ended,” Joey says laughing at Bubba.

“Yeah but having the world end, makes being in a crazy power-hungry gang seem like a safer bet then being a guy alone in his house,” Mark says.

“It just sounds like it is a 100 of those guys, it is the mist that is making it seem that way, fog has a way to distort sound and echoes and multiply them,” Chevelle says.

“She watches too much science channel, but I think she is right,” Candy says as she and Ray and Darren arrive on the roof.

Out in the darkness a scream is heard, followed immediately by another wave of gunfire.

“Who the fuck are they shooting at out there,” Joey asks.

“Yeah, we were just out there and there wasn’t anyone on the streets at all,” Mark replies.

“Maybe they are dragging folks out of there houses?” Dawn queries.

“Why would they do that?” Bubba asks.

“To take what you have? To grab whatever they want? Maybe a bit of both?” Darren says.

“Yeah with the death of that goofy game warden the other day, there is no law here in Gibson anymore, well no law but our own anyhow,” Ray says quietly.

“Speaking of that we really need to go back and check on Vish,” Dawn says thinking of bikers pulling people from their homes.

“Right on,” Darren agrees.

“Yeah we kinda have a pass from them, as long as your here, your good, they ain’t coming back here anytime soon,” Marty says.

“You had a run-in with the Brotherhood there Marty?” Joey asks.

“Yeah they came up here about a day before you guys showed up and words were exchanged, shots were fired, and dynamite was thrown and well let’s just say that this here stand-off would end with me still here and alot of them dead on the street,” Marty says.

“Yeah so they took themselves on their bikes and back around the corner like some clever dicks,” Bubba says squirting some Redman juice off the roof.

“While you guys were gone I found some better walkie-talkies, remind me to get them for ya before you take off. I would recommend you staying the night though and letting this mist clear up and that storm pass,” Marty says.

Lightning strikes in the distance, illuminating the fog out over the town for just a split-second. The rumbling crash of thunder that immediately follows it is accompanied by a sheet of rain falling and wetting them instantly.

“Holy hell,” Dawn says and races back into the stairwell.

“Mother fuck,” Chevelle says and hurries after her.

“Fuck this shit,” Candy and Joey say at once and they to, head for the door.

Bubba pulls his poncho over his head and squats down on the edge of the roof like a miserable plastic-wrapped gargoyle. Mark, Marty, Darren and Ray follow the others down the stairwell.


The smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing wakes Joey up from his spot under some blankets on the floor with Chevelle. He pulls his arm from under her and sits up rubbing his eyes. She groans and sits up as well, her hair a wreck of jagged spikes covering her eyes and most of her face as well.

Joey looks around and sees Ray cuddled up with one of Junior’s old teddy bears, with his thumb in his mouth curled and up in the fatal position, he nudges Chevelle and they both share a grin. Joey picks up his pillow and chunks at Ray smashing him in the face. The sound of someone gagging on their own thumb is briefly heard and Ray is suddenly sitting up as well.

Joey reaches into the cargo pocket on his pants and pulls out his fixings, he proceeds to roll up a joint and nudging Chevelle he gets up and heads for the kitchen stepping carefully over Darren and Candy as he goes by.

“Morning Judy care for a morning doobie?” Joey says pulling out a chair for Chevelle who swipes the joint from his mouth as she sits down.

“Hey…” Joey says sitting down next to her.

“Yeah, spark it up,” Judy says setting a pair of filled coffee cups on the table before them.

Chevelle lights up the joint and takes a hit that would put Snoop Dogg to shame, she smiles and hands it over to Judy. Who grins at Joey and takes a big hit herself before passing it on to Joey.

“Finally,” Joey says taking a big ole hit and then a sip of coffee.

“Smooth,” Judy says exhaling and then laughing until she coughs.

“Nice,” Chevelle says taking a hit and handing the joint to Ray who enters the kitchen and sits down beside Joey, across from Judy.

“Nothing better than coffee and cannabis, to start off your day right,” Ray says taking a huge hit and smiling.

Judy nods and pours him a cup of coffee and slides it over in front of Ray.

They all raise their coffee mugs and clink them together.

“Coffee and Cannabis” they all say at once as a toast.

“I am surprised those Brotherhood of Genocide fuck-tards haven’t found themselves a nice secluded spot and whipped up a batch of magic kool-aid together yet,” Darren says walking over to the coffee pot and pouring a cup.

Joey is rolling another joint at the table while Chevelle is flicking the seeds at Ray as he giggles.

“Buds, brew and bacon it’s a Bolivian breakfast baby get on up Candy girl,” Darren says through the kitchen into the living room.

Ray proceeds to roll a fatty himself and once Joey is done they get two going at once as Candy comes out and joins them at the table sitting down next to Judy.

Darren goes out to his duffle bag and brings back a package of blunt wraps.

They proceed to roll up many more joints and eat lots of bacon. Another pot of coffee is brewed and a bunch of toast is made.

“Man another thing about the end of the world sucking is the fact that the donuts shops are closed forever, that is a crime against all we hold dear,” Joey says.

“To donuts,” they all says at once clinking their coffee cups together.

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