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Episode 28: Unexpected Company…

Looking down the side of their trailer, Dawn suddenly takes off running toward their backyard.

“Oh shit Lore’s body was back there!”

“Oh hell no,” Mark yells and runs after her.

They all run around the back of the house where they find Mark and Dawn vomiting near their back porch, beside which lies the torn and mangled remains of their daughter, Lorebelle. There are a few bits of bone remaining with flesh attached to them, the chest cavity has been torn open and there are only a few tiny scraps of various guts and internal organs scattered around the corpse. Her skull has been smashed open and eaten down to her upper jaw, nothing of her eyes or brains remains to be found at all. Of her lower extremities her legs are nothing but bones with a gore-caked flip-flop lying nearby.

Darren grabs up Dawn under the arms and helping her, he walks her back out front to the truck and grabbing up her bottle of brandy he gave her in the store opens it and gives it to her. She quietly sits in the passenger side of the truck and drinks from the bottle her eyes staring off into space. Darren assures her he will take care of her, and heads over to Ray’s and grabs up a shovel and a pick-axe. Joey helps Mark out front and sits him on the tailgate of the truck, Vish follows along and sits beside his dad. Joey yanks open a case of Miller and hands one to Mark. Mark pops the top and Joey reaches into a shopping bag in the back of the truck and opens up a bottle of Crown Royal. He takes a huge swig and hands it to Mark as well. Mark stares at the bottle in one hand and the beer in the other for a few seconds and then slams the beer in one long drink and crumpling the can tosses it away. He then raises up the bottle of whiskey and drinks a huge pull, he then lowers the bottle and lets out a sigh. His head hangs down and Vish pats him on the back, while Joey rolls up a joint and lighting it hands it to Mark.

Chevelle, Candy and Ray are unloading the trucks and taking the cases of beer over to his place. Quite a few of the cases they leave by Mark and Dawn’s front door as well, along with several bottles of booze.

Once they are done unloading, Joey and Chevelle walk over behind Mark’s house to join Candy and Darren while Ray disappears into his greenhouse.

“Here ya go man have yourself a beer man,” Joey says putting an entire twelve pack on the ground beside the huge grave Darren is digging.

Candy opens the twelve pack and popping one open hands a beer to Darren. Chevelle lights up a huge fatty and taking a hit hands it to Candy who takes a nice big hit and holds it to Darren’s lips for him to take a hit as well.

The grave Darren is digging is already nearly waist deep, he pauses for a few seconds and slams an entire beer in one go. He grabs up his shovel again and begins to dig once more. Joey and Chevelle pull out some trash bags and putting on some surgical gloves they grabbed from Ray’s kitchen, they begin picking up the various body pieces and parts spread around the rotting corpse. They are in the process of that when they hear the sound of tires rolling over gravel in the driveway where the trucks are parked.

“Holy hell it’s the cops,” Vish yells jumping up with a joint in his hand and running inside his house, where the echoing sound of his front door slamming is heard seconds later.

“Fucking kid ran off with the weed damn it,” Mark yells out.

“Here come get some more,” Ray yells from the open door to his buried storage container.

“Oh hell he wasn’t kidding, good afternoon officer,” Dawn says to the policeman climbing out of his patrol car.

The cop glances around taking in the shallow grave being dug, the body parts being gathered up, the grow room of marijuana and the couple drinking in the trucks parked in the street and he pushes back his hat and wipes the sweat from his brow.

“Good afternoon,” is all he says.

The officer walks into Ray’s yard and some words are exchanged. Ray smiles and disappears back inside for a few seconds, returning with a huge bag of weed. The cop sits down on one of Ray’s lawn chairs and begins to roll himself up a huge joint.

“I haven’t done this since the police academy,” the cop says as first Ray and then Dawn walk over to watch.

Mark stands up and approaches him as well holding his bottle of Crown Royal like it’s a baby in his arms. Joey nudges Chevelle and they stand up and tie off the garbage bag. They set is down beside the grave Darren is still digging and they walk over to Ray’s yard as well.

“Since the academy?” Ray asks.

“Yeah they pass around some joints and have us all get high, so that we know what the effect is and what it is like,” the cop replies.

“I thought that was just some bullshit they put into a movie,” Dawn laughs.

“Nope, err… Well, I thought so too, until it happened to me,” the officer replies.

“I am Dawn by the way, this is my husband Mark,” Dawn tells the cop.

“Nice to meet ya my name is Robert Fox, ma’am” he says jovially.

“I’m Joey and this here is Chevelle, nice to meet you Rob,” Joey says.

“Hi, y’all,” Rob says licking the paper he gives the joint in his hands a final twist and with a flourish puts it in the corner of his mouth.

Chevelle grins at him and lights up the end of his joint for him with a lighter she pulls from her pocket. Rob smiles and takes a huge hit and begins coughing.

Darren sets the shovel aside and climbs out of the shoulder-deep hole. Pulling himself up he and Candy giggle as they dust off his now completely filthy clothes. She takes a glance over at Ray’s yard and since no one is looking, kicks the garbage bag into the grave.  Darren starts to roar with laughter and she quickly covers his mouth with her hand shushing him insistently. Darren keeps giggling as they begin kicking dirt into the open grave.

“Are you serious? Really? Where is your sense of respect for the dead?” Darren laughs.

Candy keeps laughing and punches him in the arm as they both keep kicking dirt over the bag.

“Talk about grave humor,” Darren says laughing until tears run down his face.

They finish kicking the dirt into the hole and then tamp it down with their boots until it is packed firmly. They are still quaking with giggles with copious tears of mirth running down their faces as they walk arm in arm over to Ray’s yard.

Mark looks up as they approach, seeing them sniveling and the tears on their faces he glances over their shoulders to his yard. He sees the grave dug and filled in, and here are his two new friends weeping opening for his beloved daughter. He steps up and throws his arms around both of them hugging them close.

“Y’all didn’t even never know her and your compassion and tears are overwhelming me. Thank you. Thank you so much,” Mark says.

Darren looks over Mark’s shoulder at Candy who has tears streaming down her face and she is biting her bottom lip so hard it looks like she is about to draw blood. Darren has to close his eyes and bite his own lip to keep from screaming with laughter. The shaking of them both comforts the drunken Mark who holds them close until they quiet down adding his own tears to theirs.

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  1. lordastral
    October 11, 2010 at 5:26 am

    OMFG, this is awesome!

    I just read every entry on this blog, and I am laughing my ass off.

  2. January 5, 2011 at 9:18 am

    I already bookmarked your website and will revisit your website again, please keep up your good job. Thanks!

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