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Episode 29: Officer Rob Explains…

Rob sat there smoking his huge joint and Chevelle was passing another one around to everyone else. Mark is still holding Darren and Candy weeping, holding them tight.

“So what have you heard Rob? Anything about the government or anything from the army?” Joey asks and then takes a huge hit of the joint and passes it to Chevelle.

“Yeah, I have heard a ton of stuff, none of it good,” Rob replies.

“What about the oil corporations are they trying salvage any of the refineries?” Ray asks.

“Yes, there is plenty of things going on with the refineries, all of it bad. We got called the other day to go in and try to help some ’emergency’ teams with taking their assets back over. Essentially it was some special-ops soldiers trying to preserve our hold on the gasoline production and thus our way of life,” Rob says taking a colossal hit.

“So you had to go escort some special forces to these jobs, what happened?” Ray asks.

“They got fucked up and I barely made it out alive,” Rob says laughing.

“Why what happened?”Joey asks, as Mark and the others finally break their hug and Darren grabs a joint from Chevelle and takes a huge hit.

“They found out that some bikers had gotten there first and were not all that ready to give up their free gas for life,” Rob says giggling.

“Some bikers, oh shit,” Joey says under his breath.

“Yes, oh shit is right, the fucking Brotherhood was there in force and they fucked those soldiers up in a big bad way. I fell down and hid behind the fence and then crawled over to the car and I hopped in, tore-ass outta there,” Rob says.

“Oh great, so wait what happened next?” Ray asks.

“I got on the radio as I drove home and I told the guys who tried to organize the raid that it got fucked up and after a ton of stupid questions, I finally got home and I’ve pretty much given up trying to help those douche-bags anymore,” Rob says.

“So that is ok? You can just quit?” Ray asks.

“Well it was all volunteer stuff anyhow, the guys in New Orleans were organizing it. And with what I have heard on the radio since then I am glad I decided to blow them off,” Rob explains.

Candy sits down on the ground beside Darren and rolls up another joint, Joey passes them both a fresh beer from the case by Rob’s chair.

“What have you heard?” Ray asks, his eyes alight with the glow of a conspiracy theory.

“No, wait fuck that. What did you hear about the guys in New Orleans? There is still government there?” Darren asks.

“No, yes, wait. Ok yes there are some guys trying to keep the government going in New Orleans, they are failing miserably. They showed up a few days ago in some black semi-trucks and Humvees. They got onto the police band and started ordering the police and emergency services around” Rob says.

“And it was these guys who wanted you to help take over the refineries?” Joey asks.

“Yes, these guys have gotten around one hundred of the surviving cops and fire men killed so far. We have all pretty much agreed to let them rant and rave and just ignore them,” Rob says.

“Yeah man, whoa,” Mark says, completely drunk now.

“So here over past few days I have just been hanging out in Gray and patrolling the neighborhood and taking out any of the infected that I see, I’ve stopped a few feuds between neighbors as well. Which was kinda fun several times. Anyhow, my wife Darcy and I just stay there in our little town and I just live to keep her safe now,” Rob says.

“So then where is she?” Chevelle asks smiling.

“She is a bit upset, she accidentally thought the neighbor was infected and she may or may not have shot him in the face,” Rob says with a sigh.

“So that’s why you showed up to get her some weed,” Ray says.

“Exactly, Darcy is out of weed and frankly the world is over so fuck it why not just join her and get stoned and have a fucking good time right?” Rob asks.

“Fucking A,” Dawn says.

Rob gets up and seals the giant bag of dope and he smiles and walks over to his car. He waves and they all wave back and hopping in he fires it up and then he is gone.

“Well that was a fucking trip,” Joey says.

“Yeah,” Mark says, holding Dawn in a tight hug.

Dawn begins to cry. She breaks down weeping, finally caught up in the abject sorrow of her daughter’s death. She leans against Mark crying on his shoulder. Mark nods to them all and picking her up, he walks over and into their house with her.

“…And we still never got any fucking cheese,” Ray says.

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  1. lordastral
    October 12, 2010 at 2:50 am

    and still no cheese…

    glad to see they have their priorities straight.

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