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Episode 30: In-Flight Meal…

“Well that party sure went to shit fast didn’t it?” Joey says.

“Sure as fuck did,” Chevelle says.

“Was it a party or was it a wake?” Darren asks.

“I don’t know,” Candy replies.

“I don’t know either but I would recommend cleaning your guns out since we’ve had quite a few fire fights and really haven’t taken the time to clean our weapons,” Darren says.

“Yeah cause nothing says party, like cleaning out a rifle,” Candy replies sarcastically.

“Well at least it is relaxing, like those Tibetan Zen Masters, they have it right when they talk about things that relax the mind and get one closer to peace,” Darren says.

“It is relaxing to you maybe, but cleaning out a gun isn’t my idea of trying to relax. That requires a warm bath, some candles and a huge bottle of gin,” Chevelle says.

“Yeah, I will tell you what you clean out my gun, and maybe later I will take care of yours. How does that sound?” Candy says to him with a jaunty wink.

“Where is my duffel,” Darren says, looking around as if it were sitting somewhere nearby.

“It is in there beside the table,” Chevelle says gesturing to the house..

Darren walks inside and opening his duffel, he pulls out his gun cleaning kit and begins to turn to go back outside. His eyes lock with something on the table, his stomach rebels against him, because sitting there on the table is a solid-green moldy mass in a plastic bag of what he once tried to eat as cheese. Darren darts back outside quickly bending over by the back door he proceeds to vomit up everything he has eaten today. The smell washes back at him from the vomit and he dry heaves a few times as well his now-empty stomach clenches and unclenches in spasms of pain as it rolls and threatens to rebel again.

Joey walks over and glances inside, he spies the cheese on the table and walking in he grabs it up and brings it out with him. Standing by the still-crouched over Darren he waves it over his head and Chevelle smiles. Whipping it up Joey tosses the bag into the pig pen.

“Hey now don’t feed them plastic dang it,” Ray says, from the lawn chair he has parked himself in but makes no effort to stand or do anything about it at all.

Candy walks over as Darren stands up and hands him a fresh beer to wash the taste out of his mouth. Darren pops the top on the Miller and he gargles it a bit and then spits out that mouthful and then smiling takes a good long drink of the rest.

“That cheese packs a fucking punch even three days later,” Darren says to them holding his stomach.

Darren walks back in and clearing off a spot on the table, begins to clean his guns. Candy walks in and brings her guns to him as well, she gives him a little kiss and hands him a joint as he works.

A whomping noise from the distance begins and steadily gets louder. It gets closer and they all hear a helicopter approaching. Darren and Candy rush outside and they all look up at and see a helicopter fly over head. Below it hangs a rescue basket, climbing up the woven together ropes of the basket are a bunch of the infected. Even as they stare up at it while it passes by one of the infected loses its grip on the rope and tumbles down toward them. There is horrific splattering noise accompanied by a crashing sound of wood as the body smashes through Ray’s outhouse.

“Look!” Darren yells.

Two of the infected have reached the landing skids of the helicopter, they climb into the open side-doors and suddenly the chopper skews to the left and begins to spin out-of-control. It tips over sideways and goes down with a horrific crash.

“Holy hell, it landed over there across Deadwood in the field,” Ray says.

They all start running and sure enough as they cross Deadwood road there is smoke rising from the smashed remnants of the helicopter.

They draw their guns and approach it cautiously, one of the infected, its face mangled by the crash and it’s lower body smashed to flattened paste tries to crawl towards them and collapses instantly as it pulls its own lower torso off.

One of the dead bodies has a radio on its belt that survived the crash. Darren grabs it and clips it to his belt.

“Great now it’s raining infected, what will they think of next?” Ray complains.

“I wonder if they were serving an in-flight meal?” Chevelle asks.

“If they were, apparently some folks did not like it,” Darren laughs.

“Hell, I think they tried to make the Pilots the in-flight meal,” Joey laughs.

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