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Episode 31: Oblivious Scavenging…

They all begin to search the wreckage for anything useful and entangled in the net are a bunch of boxes of medical supplies.

“Hey check it out, bandages, morphine, swabs and all kindsa shit,” Chevelle says.

“Nice!” Ray says, coming over to help her gather it up.

There is a moaning noise from the main part of the wreckage, and they all look over quickly. Ray turns and blasts the pilot, who is struggling with the seatbelt holding him into his seat in the face with his Thompson machine gun. The back of the pilot’s helmet explodes as three of the .45 rounds puncture his face.

Everyone stops what they are doing and stares at Ray.

“What?” Ray asks looking around.

They continue to just stare at him without speaking.

“What? He was moaning, so he was infected right?” Ray asks.

“Ray, he was flying a fucking helicopter and it crashed. Did you ever think that he might have been hurt in the massive wreck and thereby might… and just listen this is important here… he might have been moaning in agony? Perhaps?” Joey yells.

“Ray you’re an idiot,” Candy says laughing.

“Well Ray I can give you this, I doubt he is going to turn into a zombie without a head, so I guess you saved him from that,”Darren says.

“Ray go over there and get his guns and all of his ammo, since you shot him in the fucking face, you get to go scavenge his corpse you fucking twisted jackal,”Joey says.

“Yeah Ray, get in there and root around on that corpse and look for anything tasty you hyena,” Darren says.

“More like a vulture with those neck wattles,”Chevelle says laughing.

“Hey c’mon, guys,”Ray says dejectedly, as he trudges over to search the body.

Ray roots around for a minute and grabs up the pilots M9 and grabs both of his extra clips from his ammo pouch. Ray finds a map in the pilots leg pocket as well which he takes.

“Hey guys I found a map on this dude,”Ray says.

“Whats on the map Ray?”Candy asks walking over to him.

“Yeah what does it show,”Joey asks.

“It is a map of the French Quarter, and there is an X on a building across Canal street from the Tulane Hospital,”Ray says.

“See that there?”Chevelle says pointing to the intersection of Chartres and Wilkinson.

Far off to their left an infected walks into the field, his mouth gaping open covered in blackened-blood, he stumbles across the field toward them.

“Yeah,”Darren says as they all crowd around to look at the map.

“That is where Randy lives over the top of the pastry shop,”Chevelle says and Candy nods.

“Well, when Randy was living, he was living there,”Darren laughs.

The infected stumbles over something in the high grass of the field and falls down.

“Yeah, it’s so weird that he is dead,”Candy says.

“Okay then that is where he lived, but I figure now it is a safe spot. If we can get there we can hide out there safe and sound. Besides he has a badass bong in there, it’s a beauty,”Chevelle says with a grin.

“Speaking of that,”Joey says lighting up a joint and passing it around.

There is a brief struggle as the grasses shake violently where the infected fell. An arm severed at the elbow flies into the air and blood spins off of it as it twists in mid-air and then falls with a splat.

“Right on,”Ray says taking a big hit and passing it on.

“So my mom lives over here, at 628 Ursulines Ave. Your going to love my mom she is quite a character,”Candy says.

An alligator stalks by them in the waves of grass dragging a severed leg with it as it hurries by.

“Very cool, I look forward to meeting her,”Darren says taking a long hit off the joint and handing it to Joey.

“Well this field is fucking boring, nothing exciting happening out here, let’s go hack us up a pig and have some dinner,”Joey says taking a hit and handing it to Ray.

“Right on, field boring, pig cooking,”Ray says as he turns and walks back for his house.

“Yeah Joey, nothing exciting? A fucking helicopter just crashed out of the sky, and we, or rather Ray, shot a pilot in the head a few times, we found a map to the possible secret location and we found enough morphine to get the population of Detroit high all at once, but sure yeah this field is dead boring…”Darren says, annoyed.

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