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Episode 44: A Night at Bellagio…

December 7, 2010

“Ray, shut the fuck up about your sex toys and eat some food you sick fucker,”Candy says.

“I hear that, please man when a man is eating the last thing he wants to hear about is another man’s tentacle fetishes,”Hanzo laughs.

“Amen brother,”Dawn says as she passes around slices of gouda for everyone to enjoy.

“Thank you Mark, and thank you Dawn. I am starving,”Joey says sitting down on the ground by Chevelle’s lawn chair and digging in.

“Well, since no one is going to introduce us, my name is Ray,”Ray says sticking his hand out to Hanzo.

“Hi Ray, you grow some good fucking weed man, and thank you for the food to man this is the first thing I’ve eaten that wasn’t canned since this all went down,”Hanzo says shaking his hand.

“I am Mark and this here is my boy Vish, you already met the wife,”Mark says, gesturing with the butcher knife to Vish and Dawn.

“Hi Mark, nice ta meet ya,”Hanzo says.

Ray sets up the Wok on the table beside the back door and he lights up the sterno can that came with it and settles the wok on the rack above it. Ray cuts the huge chunk of pork that Mark gave him up into tiny bite sized cubes. He pours some oil into the wok and waits for it to heat up. While that is going he steps into the kitchen and grabs an old wizened onion from beside the door. He takes it back to his table and dices up the onion as well. Ray then borrows Hanzo’s keys and gets two boxes of Ramen from the back of the truck. Once the oil is heated up he browns the meat with the onions and sets it on a platter beside the wok. He fills the bottom of the wok with a little bit of water and lets it come to a boil. He dumps the noodles in there and lets them cook. Once they get done he dumps the pork and onions into the wok and stirs it all together with a generous pouring of soy sauce.

Grabbing a plate from the kitchen Ray serves out a bit and brings it over to Hanzo. Hanzo stares at it for a minute and then glancing at Ray shrugs his shoulders and takes a bite.

“You know what, that is pretty fucking good man, much better than cans of chef boyardie beefaronie and regular ramen,”Hanzo declares.

“Let me give it a try Ray,”Joey says, smelling the rich soy sauce scent in the air.

“Me too,”Vish and Dawn say at once.

“Ok,”Ray says and begins serving.

“We would like some too it smells good,”Elizabeth says as she and her girl Marci emerge from the house cleaned up and smiling.

Ray gets them both a big bowl of noodles and pork.

“Say this is pretty good man,”Joey says after trying a bite.

Chevelle steals his next bite.

“Mmm, Ray for a freak you sure can cook,”she laughs.

Once everyone is done eating and Vish is sent into the grow room for some more buds. All of them grab beers and bottles of booze and sit around the fire.

“…and so we ended up heading for that cheese farm when we met you. You pretty much know the rest from there,”Darren says to Hanzo.

“So come on Hanzo tell us what happened man, how did you manage to live through it all and end up here,”Dawn asks, as she takes a big hit from a joint and passes it to Mark.

“Yes and how did you manage to rob the vault at the Bellagio, I am just dying to find that one out,”Darren says.

“Me too,”Mark says, “There are plenty of casino’s here we could hit, being rich aint such a bad thing.”

Hanzo finishes rolling the joint he has been working on as they were talking and licking the edge of the paper flips it over and twists it in his fingers. He sits back in his lawn chair and pulling out a zippo lighter he sparks it up.

“It all started with me delivering a load of laundry detergent to the loading docks at the Bellagio,”Hanzo says with a smile.

The others side back and get comfortable and take sips of various booze as he begins to tell them his tale.

“I finished unloading the pallets and decided that I would treat myself to one of the rooms there at Bellagio for a night. Normally when I make that run I stay over at the cheaper older places, but I had a good month and thought, ya know, what the fuck. Why not. So I go over to the lobby and check myself in and after a few minutes of playing some video poker I decided that I would go and get me some sleep and try to get on a Hold ’em table in the morning,”here he pauses and takes a huge hit from the thick joint he is holding. He smiles as his cheeks turn red and then he blows out the hit and sighs.

“Yeah so I get up to the room, one of the cheapo ones mind you. I had a maxed out players card and I used my points to get one of the basic suites. So I get up there and of course the place is just nicer than you can imagine. Coming from sleeping in the back of my truck, this is heaven ya know? So I get in there and take the longest bath while watching the cartoon network you’ve ever dreamed of taking. I had the room service bring me up some Heineken, cause when your going fancy you go all the way baby. So eventually about 11:30 or so I guess I fell out and around 1am or so something woke me up. I am not sure what it was but I got up out of the tub, and man I was a wrinkled fucker I can tell ya. I stumble in there and crashed out on the bed.”Hanzo tells them and takes another massive hit from his joint.

“At least you lived it up a bit on the last night of the world, I was sleeping on a cot, in a cabin in the woods, with him,”Joey says pointing at Darren.

“Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I didn’t know you boys swung that way,”Hanzo says without missing a beat.

“For one, I don’t and we had separate cots, but if I did, he’s easy just ask ole Chevelle over there,”Darren laughs.

“Fuck both of you, I was stuck in the back of a limo for two days with ‘the dead pimp ass’ channel playing on tv,”Chevelle says.

“Yeah, fuck both of ya, the closest we got to modern convenience was a decanter we used to piss in,”Candy says.

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