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Episode 47: It All Falls Down…

“So at this point, I gotta ask, what the hell is wrong with you man?”Hanzo asks Ray.

“What do you mean?”Ray asks, and he scratches his head.

“I mean, you seem to be good with animals and you have a certified green-thumb but did you honestly have to trade any and all social graces for them?”Hanzo asks him.

“After over 15 years of being a recluse your lucky I realized last night that your NOT figments of my imagination after all,”Ray says laughing.

“Holy hell dude, 15 years?”Joey asks.

“Yeah no wonder he can’t talk to girls,”Chevelle laughs.

“Yeah the doctors said I needed some alone time, to think about what I had done,”Ray says.

“And… err… uhm… Ray… What did you do Ray?”Joey asks.

Ray opens his mouth to reply…

“Fuck that fucker, I wanna hear the rest of Hanzo’s story. No, sit down Ray seriously we’ve heard enough of your tentacle-rape robot-rimjob bullshit, we will get back to you later. Go on Hanzo,”Candy yells.

“Right on man, go Hanzo,”Dawn says.

“Ok, so the dog calms down and I take a look around, the door to the shipping office is open back there so I go on over there. Ned, the Elvis impersonator who has worked there for the last five years of so is sitting there dead as fuck in his chair there at his desk. All around the room are boxes of Elvis figurines and calendars and posters and what not. Ole Ned is shot to hell and on the wall beside him is a hanger with a freshly dry-cleaned Elvis jumpsuit. I grab it off the wall and there are two bullet holes through it. But hell it’s still a good jumpsuit regardless. So I grab up the boxes of Elvis figures and I take them out and put them on the top of the pallet, same thing with the jumpsuit. I turn it and drive it on over to the loading bay doors. And low and behold, there are two other pallets of cash already sitting there on the dock. I go over to the back door and I quietly open it up to get a look out back and see whats happening ya know. There to the left is my truck right where I parked it. So far so good, I tell old Drago to heel and we hurry down the steps and over to the cab of the truck. I unlock it and hop into the truck, me and the dog are filthy at this point and honest-to-God, man 24 hours before this I would have rather died then sit my blood-soaked clothes on my truck seats but man, alive and filthy is way better than being dead and clean.”Hanzo says taking a long drink of whiskey.

“So I back the truck up over to the loading dock and I get on back out, Drago follows me back up the steps and we go inside once more and open up the bay door. I use the motorized jack and I move all three pallets of money into the back of the truck. I take the figurines and I grab them up and wrap the boxes in the jumpsuit and I throw it over my shoulder. I shut and lock the back doors of the truck and I call out to Drago and we head on back down toward the cab of the truck. On the far side of where I had just been parked, a guy hops the wall in full military fatigues and comes running toward us. He is yelling something as he hauls ass and old Drago starts ta growling and barking at him. Suddenly I can understand the guy, he is yelling for me to get the truck started that they are coming. So I open the door and I hop up into the truck. I reach down to grab Drago and he is gone. He runs past the soldier and leaps onto several people who come around the end of the wall. They fall down and there is a massive frenzy of barking and yelling. Meanwhile the guy gets into the passenger side of my truck and I let go of the brakes. We start to roll forward and I had intended to stop and start shooting some fuckers to get them off the dog. But I was too late, I seen old Drago’s head come flying out of the mix streaming blood behind it from its severed neck. The soldier says I got it and taking a grenade that was clipped to his combat harness, he rolls down the window and yanking the pin tosses it into the pile as we go by. The grenade goes off and splintered bones and misted-blood rain down in my rear view as we hit the street and take a right.”Hanzo says, taking a sip and silently raising his bottle to the memory of the dog.

The others raise their bottles and shout, “Drago!” in unison.

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