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Episode 50: A Meeting of Minds…?

There is a knocking noise on the window of the truck, Hanzo stretches out a bit and smacks his lips and fades back down into the pillow once more. The pounding returns and he sits up in the bed in his sleeper cab.

“What the fuck?” he mumbles, and draws the desert eagle from its holster beside him.

Peeking into the front of the truck he sees Candy standing on the running board knocking on the window.

“Hey calm down man, I’m up.”

Hanzo stumbles over and unlocks the door.

“Come on man, we’re having a meeting,” Candy says.

Hanzo glances up at the star-filled sky overhead, then at the dashboard clock.

“A meeting? at 330am? Are you guys cooking some fucking meth or some shit?” Hanzo laughs.

“No some shit went down one of those things was poking around the house and killed that mom and daughter we saved man,” Candy says.

“Oh no man, that mom was a milf to man,” Hanzo says.

“Well come on man over to Rays,” Candy says.

“Hey what the fuck is all this dirt on my steps and door for goddamnit?” Hanzo bellows.

“We will explain it later, just move your ass,” Candy says, walking off into the darkness.

“Well this better be good damn it,” Hanzo says, pulling his shirt on and strapping on his guns.

Hanzo comes around the corner into Ray’s back yard and sees everyone they’re hanging out talking quietly and as soon as they see him they motion him over. He goes on over and as soon as he sits down in his customary folding chair Joey begins speaking.

“You have all seen these tentacled things out there, after this last fight with them we are not safe here any longer,” Joey begins.

“They can be taken out but we need more firepower, we need more help,” Darren says.

“So we are going to try to make it to see Officer Fox, we need to let him know what is going on and warn him about these Brotherhood biker fuckers,” Joey says.

“They are fucking with some shit that they don’t understand, some shit that isn’t even from this planet,” Darren says.

“And if Officer Fox doesn’t know what to do?” Hanzo asks.

“If he can’t help or doesn’t know what to do we can always contact the military once we get down to the french quarter, we have a map, we know where they are down there, and besides we gotta go down there either way,” Joey says.

“Yeah we are simple law-abiding citizens you can trust us, there are these big monsters out there with slimy tentacles coming to eat us all man,” Mark says laughing.

“Really?” Joey walks, over and stoops down so Mark can see his eye up close.

“Okay so lets say your right and I believe ya, because well I saw one too, but they, my friend never will believe ya, even if you fill out their forms in triplicate and file it under U for un-fucking-explainable,” Mark tells them.

“Okay so your staying here then?” Joey asks.

“Yeah, I am thinking we will stay here and hold down the fort, but we are not staying here at Ray’s house neither, I wont sleep under this roof no sir. We are gonna go live at the Shultz’s,” Mark says smiling.

“You old cheesey dog you, you found out years ago her husband hand-built a bomb shelter under there and you been fucking dying to get your hands on it,” Dawn says.

“Well hell yeah, we can make the place look abandoned and live underneath it,” Mark says.

“Well I am going, I need to go check on Wendy, my girl, she runs a mobile stripper club, called The Triple D” Hanzo says.

“So your saying your girl don’t hire girls with small boobs?” Chevellle asks.

“No it means Diesel Dixie Dancers,” Hanzo says laughing.

“Oh I heard of them, Randy said them girls was too fancy,” Candy laughs.

“Fancy? One of them girls could pick up dollar bills with her cooter sweetie that aint fancy…” Hanzo says.

“He thought they were fancy cause they were stuck-up and would not work for a cheap-ass pimp like him,” Chevelle laughs.

“Still they aint fancy, they are some nice girls, but no, never fancy,” Hanzo says.

“Okay so Mark, Dawn and Vish are staying here, they can mind the fort, what about you Ray?” Darren asks.

“I am not leaving my babies behind, I am sorry guys. Unless… We could load them into Hanzo’s truck and I could rig up the generator and if you give me a couple of days I could set it up.” Ray replies.

“Are you fucking high man? There aint no fucking you’re putting that shit in my truck,” Hanzo says.

“Well then… I aint going,” Ray says.

“Well then Ray, we will see your ass once we get back, it’s been fun folks,” Joey says.

“Wait, your leaving now? At 4 in the damn morning?” Ray asks.

“Fuckity fucking fuck yes I am, fucking leaving right fucking now,” Joey says.

“Well it’s been a real meeting of the minds, but we need to get rolling,” Candy says.

“I am not staying here any longer, I am already packed, Ray see ya later you fruit,” Darren says, he then walks into the house and comes back out with his duffel bag and tosses it into the back of his truck.

“Yeah me too,” Joey says, he darts inside and comes back out with his and Chevelle’s backpacks and tosses them into the truck bed as well.

“For services rendered Ray we are going to have to charge ya four big ones, yeah thats four pounds of weed, thanks,” Darren says holding out his hand.

“Okay,” Ray says shrugging, he goes inside and comes back out with a huge bag of weed, “Here ya go.”

“Thanks Ray, its been a pleasure,” Darren says laughing and tosses the bag to Chevelle in the back seat.

“Bye Ray Ray,” Candy says and goes into the house and comes back out with her backpack as well.

“See you folks later,” Hanzo says as he turns and walks over to the gate and walks quietly over to his truck.

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