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Episode 52: Hog Shaking…

“Here they come,” Hanzo yells as several of the bikers turn onto I-20 from Merry Moss St.

“Get your pig stickers cause here come some hogs,” Darren says.

“Fuck the knives, shoot those mother fuckers,” Joey says.

“What about the thing? …Where is it?” Candy asks.

“Oh that thing… It’s reaching for us,” Joey says.

“What do you mean reaching for us?” Hanzo asks.

The bikers start shooting at them bullets smash into the metal of the truck and sparks fly as they ricochet off of the semi-trailer.

More bikers pull onto I-20 behind them and join the chase.

“Get in the back Joey, start spraying these motherfuckers down,” Darren says.

“And just how exactly and I supposed to get through this little ass window?” Joey asks him gesturing to the tiny sliding window in the back of the cab.

“I was thinking you’d climb out the side window and pull one of those rock-star movie moves and slip into the bed of the truck,” Darren says.

“How about if I just go out the goddamn sunroof and slide off the roof into the bed?” Joey says.

“That’s brilliant,” Darren replies.

“All right I’ll go for it, hang on,” Joey says, as he slides his AR-15 through the little back window and into the bed of the truck.

A few more shots are fired and they all duck, Joey slides open the sunroof and stands up in it. Then he steps onto the back of the seat and slides out onto the roof. Darren swerves to avoid a wrecked car on the road and Joey yells as he slides into the bed of the truck. He rolls and hits up against the tailgate of the truck, which pops open and he slides out onto it. His legs fall over the back of the tailgate as he yells and tries to grab onto something. His hand catches the tailgate cable and his feet hit the street for a second until he picks them up again.

“Hey, hey goddamnit,” Joey yells.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Chevelle yells.

“Ask A.J. fucking foyt up there,” Joey yells back at her.

“Hang on, I am coming,” Chevelle says as she slips out the back window.

She crawls along the bed of the truck and braces her feet on the edge of the truck bed beside the tailgate. She reaches down and grabs his shoulders and straightening out her legs heaves him up. He rolls a bit and gets back up into the bed of the truck. They both grab the tailgate and pull it up and slam it shut. Just as Joey starts to turn to look for his AR-15, a hand comes out of the darkness and grabs for him. He pulls back and slams into Chevelle and they both fall over once more.

“There is a guy on a sidecar,” Joey yells to her.

“A what?” she replies.

Suddenly there is a biker climbing over the tailgate and reaching for them. A motorcycle with a sidecar sweeps away as he makes a grab for Chevelle. She kicks him in the balls. As the guy starts to fall over Joey pulls out his Glock and shoots the guy in the chest. The guy screams as the bullet punches through him and falls backward. He lands halfway over the tailgate and the bike with the sidecar comes close again the guy trying to line up with the truck. Joey shoots him too with his Glock, but Darren swerving around something causes him to miss. The guy on with the sidecar doesn’t swerve in time though and the bike flips over. Two more motorcycles slam into it as it bounces along and all three of them smash into the ditch beside the road.

Joey waits for a few seconds and holsters the Glock once more, he gets up and ducks back down again as someone shoots at them. There are at least twenty head-lights following them now as they hit the on-ramp to I-90.

The truck gains speed as Darren floors it around the curving ramp, lightning stabs down from the sky once more lighting up the road for a brief second. Chevelle opens fire with her Glock and two more of the bikes spin out of control off of the ramp. Joey grabs up his Ar-15 and flicks off the safety. He crouches down behind the tail gate beside Chevelle and waits. Lightning strikes again and they both open fire, this time two more bikers wreck off the road and a third smashes into another and two more wreck into the ditch.

“Where is the thing at?” Chevelle asks.

“I don’t know,” Joey replies.

“Watch it,” Hanzo yells on the radio.

“I’m with ya,” Darren says.

They dodge in-between a turned-over semi-truck and a huge pick-up truck with a welding rig on the back of it. They squeeze through the gap and then instantly dodge to the left to avoid a mini-van smashed under the front of the semi-truck. Behind them two of the motorcycles fly through the gap but don’t make it around the mini-van. There is a massive crashing noise and the monstrous sound of metal crushing. There is the sound of men bellowing and screaming in pain and then there are no more head-lights behind them.

Joey takes off his eye-patch for a second and sighs in relief as there is nothing to be seen.

“It’s gone,” Joey says.

“Good,” Chevelle says, and slumps down into the bed of the truck.

“They are off our tail for a few, floor it Hanzo,” Darren says after glancing at the rear-view mirror.

“Breaker I Nine Zero, this is Hanzo once again in the Rapid-Ramen, we just shook off some hogs and are coming down the home stretch like shit through a goose. Clear us a path to New Orleans and I mean pronto baby!” Hanzo yells into the radio with enthusiasm.

There is no reply only static…

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  1. January 3, 2011 at 1:43 am

    very hog shaking episode

  2. jim
    January 6, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    i like it

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