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Episode 54: The Buck Stops Here!

“Fuck Ray and his free willy, we got bikers back there again. If you want to free something free up some rounds to knock some of those fuckers down,” Darren says over the radio.

“Well I would love to, but I am busy driving Darren, sorry,” Hanzo laughs.

“Me too hey Joey I see ’em coming again,” Darren yells out the back window.

“I see ’em,” Joey yells back.

Behind the truck Joey can see a group of headlights getting closer, they are moving back and forth as the bikers dodge and weave through the wrecks on the road like the trucks are doing. Joey lays his AR-15 across the top of the tailgate and lines up a shot with one of the headlights, he pulls the trigger unleashing a three-round burst. The rifle fires and the headlight of the bike goes down instantly there is a smashing sound and two other headlights go out as their riders crash into the first wreck. Joey lines up with another headlight and pulls the trigger once more, there is another sound of tortured metal and the distant bellowing yell as several more headlights go out along with the wrecked bike. Chevelle grabs Joey and pulls him down as the bikers start shooting back at them.

The truck jogs to the left as Darren follows Hanzo onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a huge wrecked-pile of vehicles and then they are on the highway once more as they lurch back over.

“Hey hold up, we gotta stop,” Hanzo yells.

“Whats happening?” Darren asks.

“There is a truck smashed at the exit and about seven cars and trucks piled into the back of him,” Hanzo says, as he brings the semi to a stop in the road.

“So it looks like this is where we make our stand, because if we stop here they are going to be on us before we can move any of those wrecks out-of-the-way,” Darren says, looking in the rear-view mirror at the still approaching headlights of the bikers.

Darren grabs his gun and the huge 1.75ml bottle of Crown Royal and slips out of the truck, he walks over behind one of the wrecked cars on the shoulder of the road. Candy follows him and gets her sniper rifle ready, she lines up a shot with one of the headlights approaching from behind them.

Joey and Chevelle get out of the truck bed and go to the other side of the road and get down behind the smashed remains of a station wagon. The bikes get a bit closer and then Candy pulls the trigger and one of the bikers takes the .223 bullet in the chest and lurches to his right dumping the bike over and sending it tumbling end over end as he slides and rolls along the pavement coming to a stop in a blood-soaked heap. Joey takes aim and pulls the trigger and takes out another biker with a three-round burst. Darren opens fire with a three round burst hitting one of the bikes knocking out the headlights and then he sets his rifle down and opens the bottle of Crown Royal.

“I thought you were just saying we need to stay sober and not get fucked up so much anymore so we can deal with this shit, hell its been so long now I am damn near sober again,” Candy says, laughing as she watches him twist cap off of the bottle.

“You know your right, I am damn near sober again myself,” Darren says and he tips back the bottle and takes a big swig. “Here hit this before I light it up.”

“Okay,” she says and takes two huge massive swallows of the liquor and then hands it back to him.

Darren stuffs the purple cloth bag into the neck of the bottle and ties it on there with the gold braided rope of the bag and tips it over to wet it and then nods to Candy. Once a mass of bikers get closer she nods back and lights up the bag. Darren cocks back his arm and throws the bottle at the group of oncoming bikers. The bottle strikes the road in-between the mob of them and three of the riders go down instantly, the other two have just enough time to yell and try to swerve before hitting the now-tumbling wrecks of their buddies bikes. There is much screaming and yelling as the bikes flip over and slide with in a shower of sparks and then slam into the wrecks on the road. The fire spreads as more motorcycle gas tanks rupture lighting up the area and although the drizzling rain is holding the fires to a minimum. However it does give Candy a bunch of good clean shots at the bikers who are stopping beyond the fire and getting off of their bikes and taking cover in and around the wrecks on the shoulders of the road.

Candy works the bolt on her rifle and fires again and again at any of the bikers she can see. Their screams echo in the dim firelight as several of them crawl for cover across the wet pavement. Darren picks off two of the crawling bikers and is looking around for more targets when Hanzo arrives and crouches down beside him.

“Did I miss the party?” Hanzo asks.

“Actually we just started this BBQ,” Darren says laughing.

Lightning strikes back down the road and then again and again getting closer each time like the steps of a massive electrical giant. Several motorcycles are flung aside as one of the bikers comes walking into view his chest a writhing mass of tentacles which are picking things up and throwing them aside as he walks toward them. Candy fires her rifle and the back of the bikers head explodes in a shower of flesh, blood and skull fragments. The biker doesn’t even slow down as Joey empties his clip into its chest. Darren empties his clip as well and the thing never misses a step. Joey slaps in a fresh clip and fires at the thing once more, Chevelle puts a fresh clip into her Glock and fires again as well.

“Shoot his legs,” Darren says.

Hanzo pulls out both of his Desert Eagles and opens fire the beams of his laser sights touching on the things knees. It’s legs give out and it keeps coming for them on its chest, dragging itself along with its tentacles. The long slimy tentacles pick up the things chest like legs and it moves forward like some sort of obscene crab, its mouth spouting tentacles which drip slime as it gets closer to them.

Darren gets up and flicks his AR-15 to full-auto he starts walking toward the thing and opens fire. Joey gets up on the other side of the road and starts toward it as well. Darren aims for the tentacles and keeps shooting them out from under it as it comes at them. Hanzo goes out into the middle of the road and holsters his Desert Eagles and he pulls out his shotgun. He opens fire as well blowing huge chunks of the things head and shoulders off as it coughs up slime and slithers along on toward them. The things tentacles grab up the corpse of one of the biker from the road and flings it at them. Hanzo has time to widen his eyes slightly before getting his in the chest with the hurtling body. He is picked up off of his feet and thrown backward to land on his back under the corpse knocking the wind out of him.

“Hanzo!” Joey yells, emptying another clip into the gaping ruin that was once the things face.

The thing collapses as Darren and Candy shoot the last of its tentacles out from under it. It starts to drag itself toward them once more but the severed tentacles catching fire engulf it in flames. Chevelle Throws her bottle of whiskey at it to help it along. The thing writhes in the flames and its chest rips open. From within its body cavity a black thing bursts forth screaming with a high-pitched wail at them. Its tentacles reach for them as the flames catch up to it igniting, it in a boiling maelstrom of flaming liquid slime and ooze. The thing collapses and stops screaming finally. Darren falls to his knees and vomits as the scream echoes out into the sky like a fleeing bird.

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