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Episode 57: A Little Advice…

The officer flips through the air in a sloppy spiral his legs and arms rotating as he flies until he slams into the wall beside the doors of the police station with a bone-shattering crunching sound. He then slides slowly down the wall and lies bonelessly on the ground, leaving a trail of blood and gore dripping down the wall.

The two remaining police officers turn and watch the body slide down the wall with looks of terror on their faces.

Darren turns and opens fire on the officer with the smashed in head and glowing eyes, running a trail of bullets across his shoulders and chest. Candy and Chevelle turn and open fire on him as well riddling the corpse with bullets. Hanzo levels his shotgun and fires both barrels at the cops chest, the two twelve-gauge slugs tear huge holes through the chest cutting through a pair of tentacles that had just burst from the body. The corpse falls to the ground twitching its arms lying to either side its hands clenching and un-clenching, most of the chest is gone with only blood-splattered hunks remaining. The smashed-ruined head has fallen backward and from the neck a thick black tentacle bursts forth and grabs Joey’s left leg. He screams as it flings him through the air and he lands smashing into one of the burned-out wrecks in the parking lot.

Hanzo reloads his shotgun after stepping back a few steps with two shells from his pocket. Chevelle screams and empties her Glock into the bloody and fragmented head. The two officers turn back just in time to see the tentacle grab Joey and they both scream and open fire with their assault rifles on the corpse of their friend. There is a whooshing noise and a greenish-black fire rises from the neck of the body, from the end of each arm and each leg. The tentacle coming out of the neck writhes around and then lays down on the ground as the fire consumes it and the remaining limbs, leaving behind an exact replica of itself formed out of ash.

Chevelle runs out into the parking lot and kneels down by Joey and gathers him up in her arms. Darren pulls the clip from his AR15 and starts to reload it with bullets from his pocket.

“Don’t touch that! Leave it be,” Candy says to one of the police officers who is crouching down his hand reaching for the remains.

“Craig, leave that alone and go check on Buddy,” Dale says to the other cop.

Craig stares at the tentacle made of ash in front of him for another second and quickly pokes it with the tip of his finger and then smiles as it crumbles to a pile of dust before his eyes. He stands up wiping the ash from his finger on his pants and walks over to the body smashed into the wall by the door.

“Aww Buddy, what have they done to ya,” Craig says, kneeling down beside the corpse.

The head of the body snaps upward clipping Craig in the chin which throws him backward to fall on his ass. The skin of Buddy’s face has slid half-way off his skull and one of his eyes has popped and there is whitish goop running down his cheek. The mouth opens up and a set of three tentacles tear out of his lips peeling the skin back from his jaws like a banana and they reach for Hanzo.

Hanzo snaps his shotgun closed and smiling he raises it up and fires both slugs at the things face. The tentacles drop to the ground and Buddy’s jaw disintegrates as the huge steel-jacketed slugs tear the head off of the body. From the neck another four tentacles lash out tearing open the corpses collar bones and something bulges for a second as Hanzo staggers backward to reload. The bulge sprouts an eye in the center of its mass and more tentacles tear it free of the body. The eye has two irises each dancing across the surface of the orb in dizzying patterns.

“Fuck that shit,” Hanzo says, he drops the shotgun and pulls both of his Desert Eagles and opens fire.

The bullets enter the eye splashing white goo around but the surface of the orb closes behind the bullets. Dale screams as he kneels there trying to pull Craig away from the corpse and gets hit with eye-goo.

“What the fuck dude?” Dale yells, as he drops Craig and frantically wipes the goop from his skin with his shirt sleeve.

Hanzo glances over in time to see Dale’s arm wipe away the goop, revealing an eye on his cheek with feelers that are digging into his head. Hanzo snaps his right gun onto Dale and the other continues to fire on Buddy’s corpse and the creature pulling itself free of his chest. Hanzo pulls his trigger and Dale’s head explodes in a shower of brains and bone-fragments.

“A little help guys?” Hanzo yells as Dale’s body falls to the ground twitching.

Candy’s rifle is empty so she slings it over her shoulder and stooping down she picks up one of the police officer’s AR15s she points it at the bulbous growing green and black thing bursting from the chest of the corpse and opens fire. She holds the trigger down and peppers the body with a full-auto burst until the clip empties. The bullets tear into the thing knocking copious amounts of fluid and mucus-like ichor from it as it half-deflates like a rotted watermelon.

A string of flashlights come running over from the casino next door. “Hold your fire!” A voice yells.

Hanzo, Candy and Darren go back to back making a triangle covering all around them. All of them reload as the lights approach.

“Joey are you okay?” Darren yells.

“He is still unconscious!” Chevelle yells.

“Stand down Darren,” Rob Fox yells walking into the light out front of the police station.

“Fine then, y’all deal with this, but take a little advice from the Rapid Ramen, don’t touch those mother fuckers,” Hanzo yells back to Rob nodding his head toward the fallen officers.

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