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Episode 35: That Aint Right…

November 13, 2010 1 comment

Dawn and Chevelle get up and run over to the women tied to the posts as the last biker dies in a shower of gore at Hanzo’s feet. They hurry over to the woman and as they untie her, she collapses into Dawn’s arms with a murmured word.

“What did she say?”Chevelle asks.

“Stephanie, is what it sounded like,”Dawn says.

The woman waves her hand toward the house. Dawn glances at the front door, where a biker corpse lies in a pool of guts and blood, with it’s fly still half undone.

“Joey!”Chevelle yells.

Joey and Darren run across the yard and stop as Dawn leads the woman away with her arm over her shoulder, toward Hanzo’s truck. Chevelle is untying the smallest girl who is the only one still alive from the post she is tied to as they arrive.

“What is it,”Joey asks.

“I think there was a girl inside, named Stephanie.”Chevelle says nodding toward the front door as she picks the girl up and starts walking for Hanzo’s truck.

Darren and Joey glance at each other. Darren slings his AR-15 and reloads his Judge as they walk to the front door. Joey step over the body with his Ar-15 held ready.

Inside the house, their step into a living room, there is a couch against the far wall and a smashed TV to their right. To there left is an open door beyond which they see a kitchen. What holds their eyes though is the naked figure draped across the coffee-table in a splatter of red. Her body has been ritualistically flayed open, her chest split with ribs akimbo and her entrails tossed to the side. Her panties are pulled down and she is leaking copious amounts of whitish fluid from her beaten and mangled sex. Her face has been smashed and her right eye is dangling from a cord of flesh suspended from the gaping empty socket. On her forehead is carved a pentagram and for just a second as they came in they could have sworn light was streaming from it, projecting the image of it onto the ceiling. It vanished quickly though and the room dims down to only the light streaming in from the torn-open front door.

As they stand there staring at her, a bulge forms in her throat as if something inside is pushing, trying to escape. The corpses mouth opens and a tentacle bursts forth, it has a row of suction cups on the bottom of it, and there is an eye at the tip. It wriggles and slides this way and that until the eye turns toward them.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me?”Darren says.

“That ain’t right!”Joey says raising his Ar-15 and taking aim.

The mass of lungs, heart and organs in her split-open chest cavity begin to wriggle and squirm as something shrieks and more tentacles sprout from the base of her throat. They wrap themselves around her organs, as Joey makes a retching sound. The dangling right-eye hanging on her cheek turns and glares at them with unholy malevolence. Then her lung is flying toward Joey as the tentacle lashes forth hurling it at him. With a wet splattering sound it hits him square in the face. Joey steps back, vomiting as the slime from the lung burns his eyes.

Darren opens fire. The bullets from the AR-15 spray the unmoving corpse, riddling it with lead from the shoulders upward severing the head from the body and reducing the skull to putty.  Another tentacle with an eye on it lashes out from the gaping chest cavity hurling the girl’s heart at Darren as his gun clicks on empty. The heart spins through the air spraying drops of blood as it flies toward him. In one smooth motion Darren pulls his machete from its sheath on his back and splits the heart in twain. The severed halves each deflect in-flight and barely miss his face, the disgorged blood however empties on him in passing, blinding him.

Darren falls back against the door jamb his feet trip up on the corpse lying there and he falls down on top of it.

Joey clears his eyes just in time to see Darren’s gun click empty and the heart hit him in the face. As Darren falls, Joey raises his AR-15.

“Noooooooooooo!!!”he yells as he empties his clip into the body right where the tentacle is sprouting from it.

The tentacle falls lifeless to floor of the mobile home, it immediately begins emitting a noxious smoke as it dissolves into the living room floor. Joey begins coughing as he stumbles over to Darren and grabbing him under the arm yanks them both outside and pulls him away as the entire trailer bursts into flames. The sickening greenish-blue flames lick towards the sky as an unholy baritone voice cries out in agony. The trailer collapses onto itself as they stagger away and a thick tentacle which is on fire reaches for them and nearly gets them as they lurch away from its grasp.

Darren and Joey lie there on the front yard coughing and choking in between gasps for air. Candy and Chevelle arrive seconds later as Joey wipes a greenish goop from Darren’s ear as he coughs up the blood from the heart-spray. Candy pulls a first aid kit, from the helicopter crash, out of her cargo pocket in her camo-pants. She pulls out some gauze and begins wiping blood from both of them and uses a little bottle of alcohol to help clean them up a bit.

‘What the fuck happened,”Chevelle asks.

“What was that thing?”Candy asks them.

“I…”Joey says.

Chevelle hands him a bottle of whiskey, which Joey immediately dumps on his face.

“Get it off… Get it off of me…”he says his hands shaking in a frightened-palsy, holding onto the whiskey bottle for dear life.

“It’s ok, we’ll get it off you…”Chevelle says wiping more blood and booze from his face with a pad of gauze.

Joey takes a long swig of the whiskey, his hands shaking as he holds Chevelle’s hand tightly to him, his eyes wide with terror darting around quickly conveying his inner fear.

“What is that… In your eye?”Chevelle says.

“What do you mean,”Joey asks looking up at her.

She gasps as she stares at him. Glancing down she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a compact. She opens it and hands it to him. Joey takes the mirror in his shaking hands and after a few seconds is able to stop his hands shaking long enough to see it. The pupil of his left eye is scarred with a greenish line, roughly in the shape of a pentagram.

“What the fuck?”Joey asks closing his eyes.

“I don’t know, but we will figure it out ok?”Chevelle says as she hold him close and tears fall from her eyes.

“What?”Darren says as he pushes Candy off of him and stands hastily to his feet.

“What’s going on?”Candy says.

“Don’t you hear that? Who is that, show yourself,”Darren says waving his Ar-15 around looking for a target.

“Calm down honey, it’s just us,”Candy says.

“No, someone is talking, who are you?”Darren says looking to the right his gun twitching as he looks for a target.

“The blood, so wicked to grind the flesh from the bones to rip the guts, the blood sprays so pretty, it intoxicates the senses, come with me the blood will pave the way to the new beginning and your complete end,”A voice whispers in Darren’s ear.

“What is it man?”Joey asks as Darren shoots a few rounds into burning house.

“I don’t know, someone is fucking around in there, it’s still alive!!!”Darren says as he empties another clip into the flaming mound that was once a trailer home, “Shut the fuck up!”

Candy stands up and walks over to him, her arm cocks back and she lets fly with a fist which hits Darren’s jaw so hard his mouth snaps shut with an audible click. He staggers back few steps and rubbing his jaw he looks at her.

“Snap the fuck out of it! Your freaking me out!”Candy says.

“What about you, do you need me to slap you too?”Chevelle asks Joey.

“No thanks, closing my eyes seems to help much better than pain,”Joey says as he stands up.

“That aint right…”Darren says rubbing his jaw.

Episode 0: The flash

Joey and Darren pulled their beat-up pickup into the gas station and parked by the pump. The engine shuddered and died with a metallic clank. To their left was a stretch limo with what looked like a dead man in a fur coat hanging out of the drivers-side window.

“Dude, I think that guy you ran over back there left his fucking forearm in the radiator,” Darren says, looking down at the steaming hood.

“I ain’t walking all the way back to New Orleans man, see if that limo has the keys in there.”

Stepping over to the 1973 Cadillac limo, Darren peeks over the dead man’s shoulder.

“Yeah, there are some keys in there. Help me pull this dead pimp-looking fucker outta here!”

Getting out of the truck, Joey grabs their shotguns and leans them against the limo. They each grab a shoulder and yank the corpse out of the window. The body falls to the parking lot with a sickening thump, its throat cut ear to ear.

From the back of the limo, a weak thumping noise could be heard. Joey walks to the back door and looks through the glass. There are two very skinny girls weakly pounding their fists against the sunroof.

Joey opens the door. The two women fell out on the ground.

“What the hell are you two bitches doing hiding in a limo with a dead pimp hanging on the fucking door?”

“Randy never unlocked the doors when we stopped and got his fool throat cut,” The redheaded girl says “Do you have any water?”

“Here, have a sip of this Busch,” Darren says, pulling a tall-boy from the cargo pocket of his pants.

The girls both grab at the can, The brunette pulls the tab and they both share the beer until it is gone.

“What the hell is going on?” Darren asks. “We have seen more dead bodies on the road then there are flies in an outhouse.”

“Where the hell have you two been? The fucking world ended a month ago. Goddamn fire from the sky fell down and destroyed everything.”

“We’ve been hunting out in the swamp, ya know?” Joey says. “Gators and any birds we happen to see.”

“We did seen us a flash, but we thought one of the refineries blew up. This ain’t the first time that’s happened.” Darren mumbles.

“You girls got any weed? Fucking Darren bogarted the last roach couple days ago.”

“Randy keeps a big pile of buds in the humidor on his coffee table in the French quarter,” The brunette says.

“Right on. Let’s go!” Joey yells.

“Hang on a sec,” the redhead says, walking toward the store. “Let me go inside and get some chips or something.”

“Get me a cigar, and get Joey a pouch of Red-Man!” Darren calls after her.

“And get some Zig-Zags!”

Two Rednecks surviving after the apocalypse..

This is the continuing story of two rednecks who discovered upon returning from their latest hunting trip that they missed the apocalypse, so now they must survive on a mostly dead earth.

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